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  • i changed my name so i can be unknown again..lol
    people were really starting to know me :D j/k
    Thanks bro! :)
    Actually, I always wanted to be a Amy personnel, but he only serves the country, not the nation. I want to serve the nation, by Awarness means, without entering politics, if you havent understood, then i mean NGO (facebook.com/mca.pakistan). My life is useless, if it isint served for people of Pakistan, making them a better human and a better muslim. Thats my motto. I am not interested in life neither its beauties, but Pakistan and Military of Pak :))
    hahahaha.... I am here sir...all here.... a bit busy....don't have anything good to contribute....so mostly a silent spectator.... apart from that..... the modship here keeps me quite busy. BTW how are you doing sir? not seen much either..... everything fine?
    It's because, I am the last hope for the nation (WILL change it, Inshallah)
    Bhartis were mistreating me coz of my name, I.e. Student in the end.
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