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  • just saw the link you shared, No matter how hard you show them faces of these corrupt thuss visionless looters, they wont learn. They either hold personal interests or are too afraid of change...

    But Allah is the best planner, and I am quite sure niyat ka phal Imran ko zaror milay ga, no matter how hard they try, we will continue to fight for the ownership of our country...
    2 Yes, I have told you I guess?, there is hate row against Hamza, he is ill mannered and more retard than his father. nobody likes him in government institutions, they mock him as chota CM... Captain Safdar wants politics of Sharif family(PMLN) to remain in Nawaz Family so that when these two die it doesnot pass on to Hamza, rather to him through Maryam, that is why they launched Maryam, she will contest from PP 148 or 149 and is a strong candidate for Chief ministership, she would prove far better than Hamza and that will cause drift between the two families.. Hamza doesnot want to miss Chiefministership this time but now he has a contestant from his own family and that will definitely cause a deadlock.
    hm- whenever its possible :) I dont want to discuss Zakii but for him Pakistan is a choice, for us its a matter of life and death, not only for us but for our children-future generations... so I dont bother much of these types- their opinion value sums up to zero... leave it let the haters burn- they got nothing substance against us, so all they do is cry and cry falsely accusing PTI supporters to misbehave, hardly I have seen anyone misbehaving though they complain as if its 24/7 problem they face, the Fact is that they dont have arguments, so they cry... lol so leave it we will have more points to argue in a few days....
    Wsalam bro, everything is just fine, hope everything is fine with you. Yup its been a while... :) Lahore nahi aye?
    most welcome brother :) kab say kab tak ho Lahore mien? I have exam on this Friday from 3-9 pm then I am all free... will contact you on Friday night and then decide accordingly... looking forward..
    Salam yar, aaj Imran khan ki Ummrah ki pics dekh ker dil bara khush howa... it will give him a motivational boost and he will be more focused... this was needed, very badly needed... and it has happened with perfect timing... thanks for sharing the picture :)
    I remember when I used to think 2012 mein Pakistan nay khatam ho jana hai... I didnt know it meaning, or what will happen next but the enemies were targeting our imagination through such propaganda, they wanted to kill our dreams, partially succeeded too but Allah is the best planner, he gave us the man who frequently says, "never give up your dreams"; a man who is targeting our imagination... bas Dua hai, he is not just a SheepDog but a Shepherd; the chosen guide... yeh bat waise koe Walli Allah bata sakta hai... I wonder why no one has asked some Walli Allah the question k "Imran kon hai?" and he may tell us who he is... although as far as I am concern, I choose him as my shepherd, and I believe he is the one !! may Allah be with Imran khan...Ameen

    its really nice of you :)
    oh Indeed Hashmi sahib is probably the most respected politician right now, and PTI/IK is very lucky to have him. he is going to arrive in Lahore, I think on 29th.

    that naray bazi was planned, you see how all the people stood and did this tamasha for 40 min.

    the problem lies in the behaviour of the people, they believe their lives cannot change, so no need to put effort/pressure. in short masses dont dream of future pakistan for their children and grand children, where they may live a better life. Seriously we are very lucky to have Imran khan, who taught this generation to dream.... believe me, he has broken this stagnation in our lives, and InshAllah we will witness "the Change" in this and upcoming generations, whose sole credit would go to Imran Khan by any book written after a century or so.
    yar you better watch it, and I think it was again a setup by Kamran shahid to malign Javed Hashmi, as he did with Tareen and Kakkar. but Hashmi came out very successful from his trap... anyway, Its always a great pleasure to see Khan on tv.

    well I must say that your cousin should have accepted, but nevertheless its great of him to join as an advisor, maybe soon he would realize that MNA/MPA is an important public post to serve community with authority !
    well said, the more the resistance the further the PTI will polish. Yes, I am quite hopeful from Tareen and other technocrats that IK would put together as team, Tareen seems to be a capable man.... I hope they give a comprehensive plan...nevertheless it wont shut the mouths of those who know only barking...

    did you watch today how N workers misbehaved with Hashmi in Kamran shahid program ?
    yar ab dekhna, these people would not have anything constructive to say to just solve the Energy crisis issue, while with their big mouths they criticize PTI/IK like they are some genius, God gifted !!
    but there is very heavy propaganda going on, because of the some new entrants are not so upto the mark, nonetheless its strengthening PTI, and once it is established that PTI is strong enough, votes will automatically be in favour. I dont like JI, their people still talk nonsense about Imran khan.
    Anyway, I am planning to visit Peshawar next weekend maybe, not sure, but thought to let you know so maybe we can catch up with you somewhere, if its feasible :)
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