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  • Hi Khalid! How are you doing?

    Dont know, which thread are you talking about? I was very busy for the past few days....therefore might have closed/deleted a thread and forgotten to take any action against the starter.... Anyhow its not a big issue.... If he/she is not a genuine poster but a troll....we need not chase him....Sure he/she will give us more then ample chances and reasons....to put him out of this place....

    AoA, sorry for the late reply, took time in reading them and read other things too. Its a very informative and a nice blog, full of info.

    Thanks for the link.

    Wanna discuss something out of it ??
    hello, wanted to ask something abt spssc. I am an engineer and want to apply in the engineering branch in telecom. I wanted to ask wat is the format of the computer based test. I know this much that the first part of the test is intelligence test. What about the second part, is it subject relatede. If yes can you please tell me which areas of telecom are emphasized?
    Yeah, fortunately, i did saw the last 6-8 overs. After a long time i had seen cricket with such passion, as i have given up on cricket :)
    Well, we are making some rules, the kashmir thing was one of them, others would be following. And as for this thread, its very soon gonna be closed the way its going.
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