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  • Yeah buddy, got it. Indian Def Forum is a partner website of WDN, whose part we are too, thus limited promoting is allowed.
    Let me check the post 55 about the rest naah am fine with being member though i am not comfortable with being in this yellowish colour and Elite title specially when you see most trolling people getting the title by paying
    Most of them are just pissed off by the look of a "Chinese Stealth fighter" its no less than a huge shock for them.

    This air craft is mind bending in my opinion and Insahallah the day will come when we will see it wearing green flag.
    They have tried a new engine yesterday which is thought to be WS-15 with Thrust vectoring nozzles. TVC nozzles do not have to be loose like you see in Flanker family it can be straight and upright like the F-22 and EJ-200 which looks more like a F-100 but actually its a TV Nozzle.

    Canards are not a big issue , they have done their homework before putting them on , T-50 also have small Canards and btw of that is the case then F-35B isn't very stealth because of its opening jet doors for VTOL.

    Remember this is just a freaking prototype the real design would be much much different , fine and neat as during evaluation different flaws will come to light and later they would be fixed to bring out a production model which won't be any less than the F-22.

    The reason people were banned is because they supported a terrorist and murderer. If someone disagrees with Islam they are not supporting terrorism. They might simply have another world view, or might follow a different religion or school of thought. There is a huge difference between disagreeing with an idea and taking someone's life.
    Yep, I saw that. I closed the thread and deleted his post, but I don't have the power to ban him. You will have to report him to the super mods. Reference his post, I will leave it undeleted for now.
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