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    6 Best Smartphones Under PKR 60000 in Pakistan

    25k is the max price anyone should pay for a phone. After that it's just luxury and status.
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    NAB, NADRA get tax record

    Gg good game ,instead of encouraging growth and new tax fillers, this threat will only make growth slow. Should first educated masses this act will only effect middle class.
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    European Parliament votes to boycott UAE Expo due to human rights issues

    LoL excepting Israel is a gift that keeps on giving
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    Review GSP Status If Pakistan Fails To Persuade Taliban: EU

    Eu,UK,NATO ,India and America are suffering for ligma
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    Delhi Police Special Cell Arrests 6 Terrorists

    CAA just declare any Muslim terrorists and give parsad to modi.
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    Prime Minister Imran Khan receives telephone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin Prime

    After Americans call to revisit policy against Pakistan. Russia and central Asia want to increase its influence and ties with Pakistan through peace in Afghanistan.
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    Moroccans killed in Mali: Ridiculous Accusations against Algeria

    Next western war games in north Africa and south China sea
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    Taliban claim $6.5 million, 18 gold bricks recovered from Amrullah Saleh's home

    Could it be these cache of weapons and money was left for insurgency to find and use against Taliban. Which Taliban found while search mission.
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    Bangladeshi women are mainly trafficked to India's Bengaluru

    There are lot of YouTube videos of such brothel in India mainly with women bangali, Nepalese, Nexaland Burmese forced into prostitution.
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    2 Afghanis Lynched by Indian Mob

    I think it's old vid of jammu Kashmiri being harassed and lynched. I could be wrong
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    9/11 - The unheeded warning | DW Documentary

    Why do I smell pajeet and whitesupemist union from dw news.

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