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    Pakistan To Experience Wheat Surplus This Year, All Previous Records Expected To Be Broken Pakistan has had to import more than two million tons of wh

    Lack of storage capacity in Silos... Many provincial storage is still as sacks kept in buildings... most of the flour mills that buy wheat from the market also store it in buildings... All that translates to pilferage, an eid for rodents, and loss due to rain.
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    Pakistan - South African cricket Series

    Does anyone know of a website where I can watch the live stream of 3td T20?
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    Last Pakistani Village on LOC Taobat Kashmir

    Not to undermine tao butt, it is stunning.... but the real eye candy ib that area is the route from tao butt to shimshal (need luck or links) and chatta khatta lake in shounter...
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    Pakistan’s Textile Ministry asks Govt to lift ban on import of cotton from India

    A very bad move. Modi needs some war mongering for local politics. A few months or a yr of peace building measures will eventually lead to same war mongering near next elections.
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Gud to know a 93MA has been integrated and powering the prt-2... having said that what are the chances that Russians can churn out enough modified 93s for the airframes that are due this year.. Other than the newer structural processes, is the meager number being rolled out in 2021 due to the...
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    During my latest trip to Pakistan, I met an old family friend and now retired engineer of thunder. He was tight lipped as ever but upon my insistence he just said that "there is a reason block 3 is delayed by a yr". He also went on to say that "expect some changes in block 3 or a newer block"...
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    FBR Jul-Feb 2021 revenue collection 18 billion over target.

    Historically tax collection is highest from feb/March to June... The government has a mammoth task to collect the remaining taxes. Hopefully with a reviving economic activity they can achieve it.
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    Import of Indian cotton likely to be resumed

    Pakistan would be better off signing a preferntial purchase contract on market prices with Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey. They have a solid record of cotton exports. India is by far the biggest cotton producer but a substantial amount of our deficit can be met via these muslim countries...
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    If my hunch as well as the few tidbits i got are correct then all I can say is alhamdullilah. I am very careful with words here so please do not blame me later if this turns out to be hoax. What I am not sure and I want to ask you is.. The date expexted is 27th Feb or as suggested they are...
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    Cattle shipments from US bolster productivity of dairy sector

    If they can adapt to our climate better than the Australian and Dutch variants we have imported in the past then good step. But over all, if you look at the bigger picture then this is criminal as we have universities of veterinary sciences in Pakistan. There was a time we had good cow...
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    Khalistan flag/Nishan Sahib raised on Red fort, police clash with Sikh farmers

    I hope the Sikhs unite with the Jatts on a common struggle against the Hindu government. If the government moves against them then they can expect a huge resentment in the military where a sizable portion of the Jawans is from these 2 areas.
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    Let down by UAE firm, Pakistan seeks two LNG cargoes

    LNG market is expected to get interesting by late 2021 to early / mid 2022. Some limited LNG production is coming online or being repaired in Australia, Egypt has re-entered the market after a gap of months and SOCAR has started sending piped gas to EU with Italy set to receive more than 5 bcm...
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    Starbucks or Costa Might Be Coming to Pakistan

    Pap John wud fail massively in pakistan.. Its not as per our taste and wud be like domino's at best
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    Starbucks or Costa Might Be Coming to Pakistan

    Tim Hortons.... costa tried and failed and starbucks is also over-rated and both of these have long lost their edge.
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    TTP scums crossing border after destroying the fence.

    Border fencing is just part of the game. we just can not have a couple of soldiers after every 50 meters, its just not practical. Army is rightfully considering various options for a border management system. This needs to be expedited and a contract signed. I personally believe we need...

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