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  • God created us for the sole purpose of worshipping him. The errors we make in our life time is our fault, not his.
    Ashokdeiva, you don't need to see God to know that he exists. :) God is there, it is obvious, he wants you to see.
    There are prophecies that continue to be proven true. Your country will betray the Ummah that God has inspired.
    Yes I'm aware of the tamil discrimination which was wrong but the whole thing turned into a regional issue. In the past India allowed Tiger camps if I'm correct until events occurred. But I can tell you in the end it did turn out well for the tamils, I can understand how you feel about rather then staying in the past it's best to look into the future. as for neutralcitizen he is the only one with the sri lanka war thread and knowledgeable information but correct only Sri Lanka's side then the tamils.
    Brainwashing is a rather unappropriated I'm open to hearing both sides, it seems some anger in your posts ? if so I suggested to let it go it's never a good thing to hold it. I will say both sides had their shares of unpopular acts correct ? A brainwashed person has only a one sided view it's fair to say both sides committed unpopular acts.
    However Sri Lankan sources say that India refused to sell weapons so had to turn to us, but aside from that NeutralCitizen had a Sri Lanka civil war thread pretty interesting and after the Mahinda rajapaksha government came into power they steam rolled the Tigers back to a small point of the island. however after the tigers lost the conflict the it seems alot of tamil anger erupted.
    I'm curious of the Tamil-Sri Lanka conflict I'm aware they assassinated an Indian Prime minister correct and India wouldn't provide sri lank weapons so they turned to us.
    Well if you cannot let the anger go then you cannot move on I do hope the best for the tamils.
    I am realli amazed that U got no idea of the guidance systems for the intercontinental Missiles. U mentioned the design system for the ICBMz used to be long time ago.....Nowadayz nobody shows their integrated guidance systems regarding ICBMs cuz they have multiple guidance systems integrated together cuz if one fails the other kicks in.....and the thrust vectoring tech is the new one in this field....
    Hate to fix in like this, but you should stop arguing with Zarvan. Their opinions will change as soon as the next conspiracy theory trend comes in. LOL.
    When it will be related to topic I will tell you there but first read things before acting as their master
    Sir I write these posts here because they are not from topic What I can see a man who lacks knowledge of religions want to act as their master and bark like a mad ................................ sir read what Israel's think of Masjid e Aqsa and what is temple of Solomon and what is the story of Box and other things than come and talk to me mr so called master of religions
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