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  • man i knew many thing, though not all but i am one of those person who only retaliate for truth and nothing else
    My Course is going in the Best possible way. See, i still have 5 years, so i haven't decided yet. But I think i will do DM (Doctorate in Medicine), in Cardiology.
    My life is going smoothly. I am Doing MBBS, My 3rd sem is about to start from next week. What do u do??
    It is to the best of our interest to see us all work together for a better future. I get annoyed with the short-sightedness of certain members who are shrouded by hatrid. The possibilities of China-India-Russia cooperations are endless. Most important of all we are all on similar stages of development and we are all strong regional powers with close ties with other Asian neighbours. Instead of the infighting, we should do our utmost to unite and bring everyone together.
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