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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    Couple of years old video of jf-17b twin seater
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    JF-17 with AESA radar and helmet mounted system and the PL-15 misile will replace F16 as top jet ?

    I think Jf-17 block 3 will replace Mirage 3 and 5s. But f-16 will remain our front line fighter jet till next generation fighter jet for PAF is available. PAF is still negotiating to get used f-16s from different countries and 8 brand new F-16s from USA (lockheed martin)
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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    Hey! Look closely at 10 seconds what is this in front of jf17's nose cone ?
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    PLAAF Aerobatics Team arrived in Pakistan

    I didn't know that thanks for the information :tup:
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    The Un-Intended Eye Opener Of 27th Feb:---

    Extactly! Pakistani battle hardened war experienced brains + Chinese money and technology can do wonders in every field regarding defence.
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    The Boys Are Back in Town - Pakistan Day Parade 2019 Rehearsals

    Captured this 2 days ago enjoy 2k19 parade rehearsal Use Citizen Portal Pk app to complain about ptv low standard coverage
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    PLAAF Aerobatics Team arrived in Pakistan

    I mean in comparison with our JF-17 Mirage F7s and f16 they are much bigger
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    PLAAF Aerobatics Team arrived in Pakistan

    Today i saw few J10s around Nur khan air base but unfortunately i couldn't capture but they are huge in size beautiful aircraft
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    JF-17, not F-16, used in air combat: report

    I am not supposed to tell you this.
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    Modi indirectly admits superiority of Pakistan’s air force

    Now france will think twice before selling RAFALE to India after all the reputation of RAFALE is at stake when opponent is PAF.:butcher: To Mods. We want an emoji specially designed for PAF or in JF-17 shape. Thank You.
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    27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

    Yaar i have few videos of indian pilot who's mig is shot down by PAF and got busted by kashmiri villegers today :rofl: and now dun ask me what happened next because you know when an indian is captured by kashmiris what are the consequences unfortunately i cant share those video here because of...
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    Pakistan increasing Army Size ???

    We need to raise 150k new regular troops for our westren border afg/iran and keep all battle hardened troops on eastern border (indian side)
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    India may plan airstrikes in Muridkay

    Apparently, after Pulwama attack taking 47 lives of indian soldiers, a poll shows that 87% of indians think it's time to go on an open war with Pakistan:pakistan:, rest of 13% are in their Army. :omghaha::suicide::rofl:
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    Iran Considers JF-17 Thunder Purchase from #Pakistan

    A)I think we should not sell jf-17 to Iran because they will use it against us and Iran's nexus with raw and their anti Pakistan activities in balochistan everybody knows about that. B)This will definitely provoke our rich arab friends when our economy is in ICU.