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    Six Pakistan Cricketers Test Positive For Covid-19 In New Zealand

    Six of Pakistan's squad tested positive for Covid-19, hosts New Zealand Cricket said Thursday, throwing preparations for their five-match tour into turmoil and causing a scare in a country that has largely eradicated the virus. The squad's "exemption to train while in managed isolation has been...
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    Christian mother, son killed in Pak over alleged blasphemous remarks

    dia reports have suggested that the woman and her son were killed after allegedly saying blasphemous words during an argument. WORLD Updated: Nov 10, 2020, 21:46 IST Imtiaz Ahmad Hindustan Times, Islamabad A protest against blasphemy in Pakistan. Blasphemy is a sensitive issue in the country...
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    "We Don't See Priyanka, Salamat As Hindu-Muslim": Big Court Verdict In UP

    Lucknow: A case filed against a Muslim man by the parents of his wife, who converted to Islam last year to marry him, has been cancelled by the Allahabad High Court. "Interference in a personal relationship would constitute a serious encroachment into the right to freedom of choice of the two...
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    Two killed, several injured in knife attack in Nice France

    I have studied it enough....It's clear from your statement that you have not read islam thoroughly or you read it with a pre-conceived notion. Not only you, I have noticed majority of the pakistanis too ,although muslims, don't have an in-depth knowledge of islam...their knowledge of Islam...
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    Two killed, several injured in knife attack in Nice France

    Unfortunately every religious text can be interpreted the way one wants....terrorists pick verses which suit their narrative...you are picking the ones that suit your narrative....that's it.
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    Fawad Ch Lashes Out Ayaz Sadiq On Abhinandan Remarks In NA

    I have observed this in pakistanis...they are too emotional and don't use brain most of the times...yesterday one law maker uttered something which embarassed their army...today this fellow in an attempt to prove how valiant they are made this self goal...they don't have the capacity or ability...
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    Two killed, several injured in knife attack in Nice France

    not so good times ahead for you muslims staying in the west
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    Two killed, several injured in knife attack in Nice France

    Interesting times ahead...unlike the previous attacks this was carried out in a church...christian europe vs muslims...let's see what happens
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    What would happen If muslims and dalits stop eating beef?

    I am a south indian(I suppose so are you) and we don't eat beef...except in kerala nowhere in south is beef eaten... but muslims and dalits though not looked down upon as much as in north,there is a stigma attached to them...many hindus even here have this low view of dalits and muslims as they...
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    What would happen If muslims and dalits stop eating beef?

    I am sipping my tea now and this thought which has occurred to me many times in the past has struck again. What would happen to the millions of buffaloes ,oxen and cows if muslims and dalits by respecting hindu's sentiments stop eating beef? There are millions of hindus who are benefitting by...
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    Featured Indian foreign ministry strongly deplores attacks on French President

    NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday came out in strong support of French President Emmanuel slammed by Turkey and Pakistan for his comments following the beheading of a French schoolteacher days after he had shown caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed to his students in France earlier this month. In a...
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    How are street dogs treated in Pakistan?

    that's sad...you can find some kids throwing stones at dogs even in india for fun but hanging ,suffocating or killing them is something you never see here....appreciate your mom for her kind heart.
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    Featured CoronaVirus in Pakistan - Updates & Discussion

    second wave started in pakistan
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    Featured Pakistani Hindus return back home after discrimination and humiliation in India

    swear on Allah and say..will you and your family members drink from the same glass your servant or a road sweeper or sewer cleaner drank water?

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