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  • Are you by any chance an Israeli Arab ? Or are you just one of those 'Self-Hating Jews' that people like Ptex call some of the Anti-Zionist Jews ?
    Pig-headed attitute towards a nation whos defending against an agressor won't get you very far. However threats like these to IRAN, WILL MAKE IT A NUCLEAR STATE ANY TIME SOON. INSHALLAH.
    If you don't want to be a nuclear state open up a dailogue on peaceful trade, but you havent that did you ?

    Amazing !!! are you realy an israeli ?
    Women fall in love by what they hear. Men fall in love by what they see. that's why women wear make up. that's why men lie.
    I heard some where "If you have poor parents then you are unlucky, but if your in laws are poor then you are stupid!!" .. lol
    Yes I have said that I understand your point, but what I am asking is that why are you concerned about it?
    I thought you had different flags before. Are you actually Israeli/Jewish?
    THey are an example of the hysterical neurotic personalities which immerse themselves in denial as they fight to maintain their ignorance and ridged weakness.

    Waiting for Thomas to read that hehehe
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