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  • I know how to put youtube video.

    Click on Insert link and paste youtube URL over there.

    If I am not wrong u need permissions from Mods to upload video from ur local machine


    Suppose you want to start a thread in millitary aviation---that is on the main page---you click on it---it will open a new page with all the posts---then you scroll down 1/4 th of the page---where you see the threads---look at the left side---it will say---THREADS IN FORUM : MILLITARY AVIATION---right on top of the word THREAD, you will see 'new thread'-----click on that.

    To start a new thread, you have to have a minimum number of posts---check it out if it works for you.
    Hello young man,

    Please remove your address from your LOCATION. Please also check the spellings of your post. Thanks. Welcome aboard.
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