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    Sikhs against Multi-Racial Marriage

    :rofl: r u a gujju??
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    Coke Studio @MTV season 2

    Song about indo pak partition................ I like the lyrics by piyush mishra
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    Coke Studio @MTV season 2

  4. aristocrat

    Coke Studio @MTV season 2

    [/B] Oh pardon us kafirs for spoiling the stellar image pakistan has the world over :P
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    Barfi !!

    Films like shaitan,gangs of wasseypur,kahani,and now this have bought me back to bllywood.Though i dont mind a bit of rowdy rathore here and there. :)
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    Coke Studio @MTV season 2

    Much better than season 1 na??thank god they got rid of lesli lewis. Wat say u?? Clinton cerejo was the producer for this episode
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    India wants to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan

    Hers a video from inside swat valley.Lol atleast maosit are **** scared to hide in forests and attack but here........... What utter lawlesness and then pak says its under their control
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    The worlds biggest Gold Reserves.

    Can't goi introduce some policy to earn profit by harnessing this consumer gold??At present most of the population keeps gold in their home or bank lockers.
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    Caste System Discrimination Documentary in India today (Warning:Disgusting)

    Yes but it was hijacked by the ones in power by associating it with birth,and hence problem.3 things i've noticed 1] Old generation tend to be more rigid regarding castes than the youth 2]much more prevelant in U.P,haryana.......... 3] intercaste marriages are common nowdays except with...
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    You know you grew up in Pakistan in the 90's when

    To aap bachpan se hi troll karte aaye hain ,bhai ko bhi nahi chooda :P:P
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    How much a doctor earns in India/ Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

    Zip kamchor hai zip kamchor hai :P :P
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    One liners :)

    The family that smokes hashish together is called a joint family
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    Any good bollywood movies to watch?

    This movie never got the credit it deserved me thinks........
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    How much a doctor earns in India/ Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

    Sibal ne to iits ki bhi wat laga di hai.Accha hua mein nikal gaya ::): But pg ke liye to bahut kam seats hain especially general cat. mein ,nahi to poisa do admission lo. Hers an idea,college mein koi ameer ladki ko pata le phir life set ::P:
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    How much a doctor earns in India/ Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

    bhai meri family [maternal +paternal] mein 12 docs hain koi pg kar liya to koi uske liye tayari to koi shaadi bad karne ka plan[husband ka locha shaadi bad pg karwana lol]

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