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  • Personally I think that a new thread with the objectionable ahadees from Bukhari should be discussed. This would allow many to be clear about the authencity of the book and how it should not be used as a proper source of conducting anything.

    But it's forum policy to steer clear of religious debates where we have no expertise and with members here who have limited intellectual capabilities. The thread would be closed or deleted very quickly.

    Please discuss this with an admin, I think it would best in this scenario.
    Like you said yourself, Bukhari cannot be used as a verifiable source for events because it was written after a prolonged time.

    Thus the reason for the infraction and deletion was that many posters who do not believe in the authenticity of Bukhari found your post to be offensive and not part of the original discussion.

    We try and tend to stay clear from religious scriptures and/or debate unless it is highly relevant.

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