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    India grants 55 buses to Afghan army in Herat province.

    I have never seen a parsi in bihar. I thoutth their population is only in metros and goa. How come you people came to bihar?
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    PAK beat India to WIN Asian Junior Squash Championship

    Congrats Pakistan for the win . Congrats India also for winning of Indian girls squash team. Congratulations Deepika Kumari also for winning first Archery World Cup title for India
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    Ten from Kashmir crack civil services exam

    No second after UP. We can't be sure about actual number because many people from Bihar and UP go to other places like delhi and crack this exam. On the basis of domicile in form UP is first and bihar is second. Kashmir is surprisingly third.
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    NEW Province : Assembly Passes Resolution . !!

    Bro development is not everything. Language and culture determines a person's Identity. We north Indians can't say to tamils that forget your language , culture and history and accept Hindi then we will become developed. I agree that by getting pakhttonkhwa pashtuns didn't become rich but just...
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    NEW Province : Assembly Passes Resolution . !!

    IMO you people should follow Indian linguistic(not ethnic) formula for provinces. In all provinces use local language and for inter-provincial purposes make Urdu and English as official language.
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    NEW Province : Assembly Passes Resolution . !!

    It's a good decision by Pak Govt. No province should be so large that other provinces start feeling left out. Actually they also should make more provinces in Sindh, Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan. That will elimnate monopoly of any particular province.
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    Betrayed by India: The tale of the Pakistani Hindu refugee

    this post is deleted. They couldn't get citizenship because they settled in J&K which has a special status in India where only kashmiri can get citizenship.
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    In Atheists We Distrust

    What do you mean by "openness to the Idea of God"? Do you think that there is a possibility of God which can't be outright denied or You believe in God but your difference is with the "characteristics of God" defined by various religions?
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    One Palestinian female professor and a male French journalist had come to my college. French was in previous flotilla. He was jailed for two days. They were telling us about horrible crimes committed by Israel. They told us about some websites to get information about boycotting the Israelis...
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    Kashmir | News & Discussions.

    I agree with this plan. Jammu and Laddakh are also not getting fair deal due to valley so full integration of these parts(Abolishment of Article 370) in India is must for development of these two parts. We can give valley its pre 1953 power so that they feel safe and free.
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    Sahi bol rahe ho bhai. Ab jyada fark nahi padta. Kam se kam cities me to nahi hi padta. Sab...

    Sahi bol rahe ho bhai. Ab jyada fark nahi padta. Kam se kam cities me to nahi hi padta. Sab thik chal raha hain bhai.
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    Crowds giving Delhi Commonwealth Games a miss

    4th Gold for India. Sanjay Singh in wrestling.
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    How many cities are you going to cover?

    How many cities are you going to cover?