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  • Wah Australia eh? You must be quite well to do sia. My family rather sell me off then send me overseas to studies so must try my best get to local uni ah.

    Eh you went Australia, why you come back Singapore? If I were you, i stay there, and bring my family over. Singapore like no future already sia.
    Wah serious ah? I heard BMT is like the worst part sia. I think I jialat eh, I will get into medic combat. I probably die there. But if I get into commando, wah, I feel damn honoured sia.

    You made National Service sound so fun. I hope I enjoy the same things as you do.

    Nope, I am Singaporean actually, just that I am of Pakistani descendant. My parents same also, except my maternal side is from Malaysia.

    Haha, dont mind me asking, which tertiary instituition did you enrol in?
    You serious bro? I hope I will make my days there useful. I am just dissapointed cos I am unable to continue my education. Where were you psoted too after your BMT?

    Are you studying at the tertiary level, or are you inducted in a degree program?

    I am doing good, glad things are fine a dandy down your end :)
    Nevermind him, whatever he sprouts out means little to anyone. It will always be about Vietnam being the best, can lead ASEAN, can take on anyone with their nukes, Russian, Indian and ancient weapons left behind by the Americans in the 60's.. Regardless of what you tell him, he will continue to repeat the same things over and over like a robot.
    LoL thanks for the heads up buddy. I already know he doesn't like nor would listen to any reasonings. I was simply bored out of my backside and decided to kill time whilst waiting for more interesting topics and discussions to show up on the forum. I trust you are keeping well lately? :)
    Good, good, yourself? I post more or less on the Chinese defence forum nowadays. Trying to get that forum up and running.
    A quick message to let you know there is a China defence forum up and running. I invite you to participate. We have a fledgling translator team that will be translating unique Chinese defence content into English as well as a culture section where we will post tid bits offering insight into Chinese language and culture.

    So if you are interested, check us out.

    The guy you were arguing with is a card carrying RSS type

    The same people who beat women on valentines day because it was a unhindu holiday, the same people who promotes cow urine as health drink, the same people who killed hundreds of christian nuns in orissa.

    and check out the bible written by the founder of the moveability

    Aah I see :) ...dats okay mate ....loads of people prefer to keep their anonymity here , because of the same problem :) ....do let me know when you come down here ....would def like to meet up .....cheers ....
    hey bro, if your coming down , don't hesitate to ask any help in navigating the city , or popular tourist spots etc Bangalore lyf is simply fab :).....btw r u on facebook ?
    No worries, I was actually giving Tin Can Tam a jibe because from he's keeps double talking and giving other shyte. But I fully understand where you're coming from and respect that. In fact I been to several clubs in Hyderbad its all very nice.
    Originally posted by Anonymous User

    Hi ...thanks for the clarification. Hope you enjoyed your time in Hyderabad and hope you do come over to Bangalore sometime to enjoy the city-life here too :)
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