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    Gareth Evans: China now ‘rule-maker’, Australia should say no to US more

    US still controls the seas globally. As long as that is the case, Australia is duty bound to side with the US, just as it was to the British Empire.
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    Turkish constitutional referendum 2017 - News, Update & Discussion

    eh, Trump is constrained domestically by our congress and our courts. Can't say the same for Erdogan now. Trump's been a shit show domestically (thankfully the shittiest policies have so far been blocked), but so far no major f ups internationally. He's not speaking softly unfortunately, but...
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    North Korea US Tension - News & Discussion

    Please go move there, so you can join in the glory.
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    President Trump launches military strike against the Al-Assad regime

    Its unlikely. The US did inform Russia, but there likely wasn't enough time to move everything out. What I'm hearing is at least 14 planes were destroyed, hopefully the Russians on site were given enough time to flee. Might be some SAA casualties though.
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    Bill introduced to remove US from United Nations

    Will never happen though, This particular bill has been proposed consistently since the Bush Administration. For everyone else, as has been stated, bills that people know will never pass have been proposed all the time. It isn't about getting them passed, its about pleasing the constituency.
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    House GOP guts ethics panel

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/2017/01/03/trump-slams-house-move-ethics-watchdog/96103514/ Lol that was quick
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    Winning chance against China is zero, according to Japanese war simulation

    Well said, China and Japan aren't the only players. Even if Japan and China went mano a mano and China wins, If China's navy takes a beating in the process ( There is no reason to believe it wouldn't). The US could and would simply mop it up. The 7th fleet is still in Japan. And the df-21 is...
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    EmDrive: Chinese space agency to put controversial tech onto satellites 'as soon as possible'

    Pretty big Caveat there. Pretty much my feelings.
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    Trump Issues Reckless, Anti-Muslim Statement Following Berlin Truck Attack

    With regard to the bolded above, more than expanding our arsenal we really need to modernize it. Russia is doing so, and we really need to.
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    Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead in Ankara

    Apparently he was a cop. Could be Gulenist, could be otherwise, depends on his history.
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    Trump's USA to Initiate Nixon-Kissinger-type Strategy with Russia against China

    i dont see it. If ties with China get frostier then I see the US being able to allocate more power to the Pacific, but Russia has enough on its plate, and Russia doesn't hold the same level of hostilities that they did during the nixon kissinger times (which was almost open conflict), so there...
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    ISIS 're-enter ancient Palmyra' in Syria

    Looks like Palmyra has fallen once again. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-palmyra-idUSKBN13Z073 Illustrates that aircraft doesn't hold ground, soldiers hold ground.
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    Turkish Politics & Internal Affairs

    Hey, you are the one that will be living with this, not me. Go balls deep for all I care, thank god i'm not there though. More interested in how this will affect Geo-politics, but this isn't the thread for that.

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