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  • Hey brother, I can't find anything wrong with your English, don't let such a uneasy feeling hold you back ! Don't bother about it, feel free to post.. :)

    Don't bother much about your English. There are members with far lesser abilities here who have gone on to become senior members. Please shed all apprehensions and post freely. As long as your intentions are good we l all appreciate.

    oyy xiNix apne pic change kr mr>>>u are posting ur comment on a PAKISTANI site not on any ******* site of iindia>>>>>>ok..
    hey buddy... im no phd n a defence xpert.
    im a regular blogger but grateful to have frens like u.

    Lets move on together... happy posting.
    Hi AnGrz_Z_K_Jailer....

    Thanks for your kind words Sir. It is always a pleasure to make aquaintance with a fellow countryman!!!

    BTW....I really like your avatar name.....Sholay is one of my favourite movies of all time!!

    Please keep up the support to our nation!

    Stop starting every thread in the Pakistan War section.

    Mumbai investigation stuff goes in Strategic affairs section, and there are existing threads on it.

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