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  • Ajanta/ Ellora/ Daulatabad ka naam suna hai?? usi shehar me.

    Badi sad si photo laga rakhi hai profile me. Kya baat hai GF bhaag gayi kya kisi aur ke saath :D
    we should unite and report about the Chinese.

    the Chinese have license to troll and when someone shows them mirror they become insecure.

    in ever thread they will post toilet/poverty/aids and mods don't do anything to them.

    as mine thread is deleted.
    Angrez bro i am no sir man..I am a common civilian as you..so no need to call me sir :D .. happy new year bro
    WLKMS Jailer,

    I am from Mehidipatnam and lived in Saudi for a while as well in Dhahran. I'm glad I could be helpful in some way. We all should do our part with whatever little we can.

    Happy new year to you too :)
    Pranam Jailer saab :)

    How do you know me bhai? Kahin aur se? Thanks for your regular thanks and appreciation of my poss buddy!

    And a Very Very happy New year to you and your family too!

    Cheers, Doc
    My brother, that's the greatest compliment I could get, that you find my posts worth a read. I consider my efforts successful if anyone reads them even only once. Thank you so much for your time and efforts in checking out my thoughts.
    Hi AnGrz....how have you been my friend....Im keeping well....I got banned for a month or so...not a big deal....Thanks for looking out...Hope everything is good with you as well....

    I noticed that you have been participating in many threads.....Please continue posting your opinions to support our nation....And as always....we all appreciate your support brother....

    bhai may tou post he bhut kaam krti hn aur masle wali tou bilkul nhi
    ru in forces?
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