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  • Well lot of talks were going on ...obviously nothing official but sources high up confirm this....
    I am not that active around here mate. Work and other commitments keeping me away. God Speed
    You're welcome. I don't think there's anything called Hindu "mythology". You should know that a myth is something that is only common in folklore and doesn't exist in reality. Whereas the Divine Incarnate sage of the Supreme has been a part of Hindu history.

    Please don't mix up the words mythology and history as former is fiction and other is hard fact.

    "P.S - Big Lebowski (Dude) is one of my fav's..."

    Thanks. The dude abides but will not post for the time being...

    :). I am a Swiss-born Hindu. I am of semi-Indian descent from my father's side and Persian from mother's side. That is why I have a Sanskrit name. It is rare among western Hindus to change their name. I never had to because of some trace of Indian origin in my father's.

    Does that satisfy your cuiosity? :)
    Well you have given it the heading of IAF, so i believe bringing in PAF would be derailing it as its purpose from its title it seems to be about just IAF.

    Ok I found a way to subscribe to the threads we can subscribe to the threads we are interested in and get e-mail notifications to new posts for those threads. Go to quick links-edit options under settings and options-messaging and notification section-Default Thread Subscription Mode. An alternative way is to "go advanced" when replying to a thread and go to subscription option under additional options. Hope you found this helpful.
    hey anathema, I'm new to this forum and I have a lot of doubts. Is it possible to subscribe to the threads we are interested in? Is there an option to get e-mail notifications to new posts for those threads? Also, how do we post a link or a video? Please help..
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