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    Indian Railways updates

    The newly designed rail cars of Nilgiri Mountain Railways, in India by Integral coach factory Ministry of Railways - India. are finally here. Here's a thread on how they look from outside and inside. Nilgiri Mountain Railways, a UNESCO Heritage Railways, is one of the oldest Railway Systems in...
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    Indian Railways updates

    First run of Electric locomotive under High Rise OHE. Locomotive WAP 1 22036 from Ghaziabad (Northern Railways)
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    HAL delivers first three Dhruv helicopters to Indian Army

    HAL delivers first three Dhruv helicopters to Indian Army PTI February 22, 2019 17:25 IST Bengaluru, Feb 22 (PTI) The HAL Friday delivered the first three Advanced Light Helicopters named Dhruv as part of the 22 ALH MK-III contract to the Indian Army during the ongoing Aero India air show...
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    Saudi Arabia to invest $100 billion in India

    Hi there! Have seen such promises made before, the proverbial proof pudding would be in eating. Let us see how much these "promises" materialize on ground. & i say this for both countries. People are ready to invest given market size and demographics, but with corrupt officials and lazy...
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    Indian Railways updates

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    Indian Railways updates

    WAGC3 converted locomotive flagged off for commercial service by PM from Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi. By this conversion, 3,100 HP WDG 3A locomotive has been uprated to 5,000 HP and since this is a 2 section (permanently MUed) loco, the total power of this consist goes up to 10,000 HP...
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    Pulwama mastermind D.E.A.D!

    :tup: this should have happened a long time ago. but as they say better late than never!
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    Indian Railways updates

    That area has undergone a sea change in past 20 years or so. However for foodies the adjacent area to CSMT is nothing short of heaven. You have guys like Pancham Pooriwaala (delectable vegetarian food), (that Kadhi is really to die for :smitten:) Hotel Gulshan Iran (for some really authentic...
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    Indian Railways updates

    :smitten::smitten::smitten: Can't have enough of them. IR veg cutlets are a treat for travelers. I've had them innumerable times from railway canteens to Pantry cars and even in Rajdhani express. The quintessential veg breakfast of bread, butter chiplet, sauce and cutlets is something i look...
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    What Are You Listening to Right Now - Round 2

    I can listen to RD all day :toast_sign:
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    Indian Railways updates

    First Journey from New Delhi to Varanasi on-board 22436 :smitten:
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    Indian Railways updates

    @KAL-EL asked a question on breakfast served on recently launched Train 18 (christened Vande Bharat express) between New Delhi and Varanasi. here's a sampler from Yesterday's first commercial run. Image courtesy Northern Railways India First images of breakfast served on-board the train...
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    Indian Railways updates

    at 0.35 you can see recently electrified tracks of EDFC on left of screen.
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    The Truth About China’s Economy That Trump Won’t Get: There Is No Surplus

    Interesting purview! Never thought that China might actually stare at such economic situation.

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