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  • Yes but still the marriage will remain Illegal Islamically

    It is like The Water is water. You can drink coca cola as an alternative but you cannot get the taste of water. By drinking coca cola you might not remain thirsty but it will still be called a Coca cola and will not become water haha just joking

    I mean religiously marriage will remain illegal as the marriage between Muslim and Hindu cannot be performed
    A Muslim man or a women cannot marry a Hindu whatsoever. Religiously their marriage will remain illegal

    A muslim can only marry with another Muslim or Ahl-e-Kitaab (Christian and Jews)
    No both of them are step-brothers or sisters so they cannot marry.

    You can marry with your cousins but not Half brothers or sisters cause they are considered your brothers and sisters
    True......... agar woh 1 maa ka doodh piye ge tab woh "Razayi Bhai behan" ban jayen ge.......... agar donon ne 1 maa ka doodh nahi piya tabhi woh Shaadi kar sakte hain. You can say they are Half brothers and Sisters so they cannot marry
    Thanks for apologizing. My comment was a bit harsh in hindsight. I assumed everyone was aware that the word was considered derogatory when used by non-Pakistanis.
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