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    Featured After 9/11 Attacks, U.S. Wars Displaced at Least 37 Million People Around the World

    In America only black or white life matters. Muslim life is cheap. It's evident after white Bush/black condoliza & black Obama /white Hillary went against American constitution and killed millions of Muslims worldwide. Even today they are silent on Indian occupation and genocide in Indian...
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    Featured “Where are you, mother?”: Srinagar woman shot dead in front of son

    This is so blood boiling. And the way they are holding on the body against Islamic ritual that it should be buried asap. Shame on the world. Shame on UN. Shame on those countries who supply weapons to this terrorist Indian regime. @Vergennes @vostok
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    Featured Gilgit Baltistan will be given a provincial status with representation on all constitutional bodies

    Don't alienate them but do this properly. Tell United nations and world that force India to hold referendum. Give them deadline and negotiate with them and tell them that we cannot keep Gilgit Baltistan people away from democracy just because of UN incompetence. And then invite the world and...
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    Featured Gilgit Baltistan will be given a provincial status with representation on all constitutional bodies

    Do it properly. Bring in UN SCO OIC US, China, Russia, EU for monitoring so that the final decision will be acceptable to all even though of India reject, world will consider it part of Pakistan while the Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir will remain disputed territory.
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    "I Am The Target": Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To 'Disappear' Her

    This is old tactic of many even in Pakistan to get citizenship of North America or European countries.
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    Only the US has more coronavirus cases than India. But unlike Trump, its leader seems immune from criticism

    The US leadership and politicians have proven to be a complete joke. Coronavirus have exposed them completely. Lemme give you one example, the constitution prohibits govt from deciding anything on private properties without paying just compensation but here govt have converted private...
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    Pumping money temporary relief, empowering Karachi local government is the only permanent solution

    Yup, empowering local bodies is the only solution. Even citizens will chip in and help then.
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    A Russian Bazooka Misfire used by Shameless Indian media to smear China, so pathetic

    Finally Chinese friends know how bhartis did propaganda against Pakistan. They ve been doing this against Pakistan since 47. They lost 3 out of 4 wars, but they did propaganda win, the 4th war in Bangladesh they won by using their propaganda to fool Bangladeshi people. They lost even last year...
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    Someone tell this dumb ash that it was a Kashmiri youth who had previously faced humiliation at the hands of Bharti terrorist occupiers. Nothing based in Pakistan.
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    Another suspect arrested in motorway rape case, confesses to crime

    Arrest is not suffice. We need public hanging. Something like stoning. And all this arrest and thing is just because of coverage of the issue and victim from a middle class if not rich or elite class. What are the guarantees a poor would face the same type of justice? Unless we have a extreme...
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    China condemn Modi For terrorism

    Correct assessment by Global Times. Modi is a terrorist and shame on Obama administration for unban on this terrorist on his US visits. Good to know world is realizing the terrorist Modi.
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    Who has better Air Force India or Pakistan

    In all wars your airforce was defeated badly. Also out of 4 wars, you lost 3. Coming to Feb 27. Here also you never gained any hand. Pakistan defeated you badly.
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    Famous for "Yeh to Hoga": Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi passes away in Karachi

    Rest in peace. Shame on people sharing sarcasm after someone's death. Sab ne marna hai aik din.