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  • It was then and remains now my opinion that the lack of spare parts when the US and our other allies cut off resupplies of same to both India and Paksitan made continuation of the 1965 War logistically impossible. Despite the fact that the armed forces of both nations fought bravely and fiercely, it was Pakistan, aka, Z. A. Bhutto, General Musa, and in the background the totally in charge President Ayub Khan who started, engineered, and caused the totally unnecessary 1965 War.
    Ooooo thats great sir i would also ask you an question what do you think about the 1965 war had india continued to fight what would have happend
    I appreciate your suggestion and will do what you think is helpful for the next several days.

    To remind, I served in Pakistan for 18 months on the staff of the US Air Attache, old US Embassy in Karachi, then West Pakistan, 1963-65. Since 911 demonstrated the radicalization of some Muslim youth today "understanding" the younger generation in and from Pakistan is "rusty at best" I admit on my part.

    Have a good rest of the week and rest assured I appreciate your comments and will cease and desist for now.

    I think you should not comment on any of the raymond davies threads for a while. Pakistan nationals are a people ruled by their emotions. I understand it is just the internet as of now, but please dont aggravate anyone for a bit.

    Dear Colonel Singleton,

    I was able to find a very interesting post that you made about the B 57Fs in Pakistan A year ago we launched an online historic aviation channel,


    We have a REFLECTION section, which is a growing collection of interviews of Air force officers like you. We were hoping if you could be interviewed and you could share your life experiences with us including ones on the B57F. I am assuming that you are in the United States and we have a production unit based in Silver Spring Maryland. AeroCinema is based in Toronto, Canada. Please do visit our site and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

    Umer Farooq
    Im sorry i couldnt reply to the post you made. It was closed before i could post anything. Anyway, the pakistani propaganda is much too india centric. And the general view of americans is as "imperialist pigs". There really is no changing this.
    I have been really enjoying your post and in fact I have become a fan your true and honest post.


    sir, I have been following your posts and i am impressed by your attitude and opinions.
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