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  • I have to give a positive spin on it mah, its not the best way to spend 2 years of your life but if I were to be negative about it then time will pass alot slower haha.

    The only think that helps are the people you meet that will make Army life more fun, BMT is bad cause they don't give you the respect as new recruits but once you move up to the other areas its just tougher training but none of the BS attitude.e (less anyway). Combat medic is not fun, especially the IV line training, anyway there are so many areas to go into Combat Medic is just one of the subsets.

    Interesting, so many of us have Malaysian blood, my mum side is from Malaysia as well
    I actually studied overseas in Australia so unfortunately am not too familiar with the schools here except the usual NUS, NTU etc.
    First week in NS I called my parents to revoke my SG citizenship and retake my UK one too late they said haha, once you get used to it well its not too bad honestly, plus the fitness during those years was something I should have maintained.

    Education wise I think just make the most of it to do some self study (though its hard). Least the new batches now probably can get internet and stuff where we only had payphones before.

    Was posted to SISPEC for sergeant training, makes BMT looks easy lol but again need to get used to it.

    Are you a Singaporean originally or did you family migrate from Pakistan if you don't mind me asking?
    Well look on the bright side least NS is now 2 years but still that doesn't help too much. NS can be a rewarding experience now that I look back and think of the good times I had, important thing is don't be the odd man out in the bunk otherwise you lose friends pretty quick. Make the best of it hey, now that I look back I should have used the time in the camps to gather more knowledge instead of idling around lol
    Yeah its great! Indians have a bit of advantage as SAT exam marks don't count,only the central board's count.
    And thanks for the advise,will keep it in mind :)
    Re: Pakistan ‘hypnotically obsessed’ with India’s military: WikiLeaks

    those were not my comments i copy pasted them from original source.

    We hope that you are enjoying your life and living a healthy and happy life with grace of God.

    Dear Sir,

    I want your friendship if you are interested..........
    Why i want friendship with you and other persons coz i like Army, Navel, etc..... Persons I don't know why i like but really i like these persons for Advices, friendships, own stories etc......

    If you are response to me its highly pleasure for me I like your sociality.

    Thanks for reading
    Ali Raza
    No problem mate. I expect you to update the Pakistan Economy section from now on. The command is all yours. :)
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