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    Obama Responds to a question of Indian's student about Pakistan

    When did india officially said Pakistan is terrorist nation? You guys have taken Indian decency as a punching bag. This is your problem and India's advantage over you.
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    Obama Responds to a question of Indian's student about Pakistan

    He was expecting this question is enough for me. He didn'nt answered the question was another part to cherish as he had already prepared the same; he manipulated cunningly. He has said what India is saying from decades more bluntly than UK PM. But since USA is not a soft target like UK for...
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    [Obama's visit] Why India's realty scam should interest President Obama

    Now we can see how obsessed Pakistani media machinery was with Obama's visit. Presenting it useless and in bitter taste, to it's local audience with idiotic correlation between two different issues. Like we say in punjabi "ghar de bhag tan dehalee to dikh paindey ne" the article's stupid heading...
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    Obama backs India on permanent UN Security Council seat

    Post of the day^^. My laptop is crashed and I am using iPhone otherwise I could have made my detailed assertion more on it. Very diagnostic thinking. Keep it up.
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    Killing India’s hidden ‘Cold Start’ strategy

    A headnumbing article with same old Pakistani agenda to paint india as aggressive to jeopardize it's on going relationship with US. The timing of this article is too late to attract attention of others since india has already checkmate Pakistani paranoia by proactively denouncing cold start to...
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    Are we obsessed with Pakistan?

    Same can be said about pakistanis with conviction and bases. Atleast Indians do admit it or tend to discuss it but not the Pakistanis.
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    Veena Malik crossing limits on Big Boss

    @Indianrabbit So you reckon she has fallen for two Indian middle wickets.
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    My favorite indian members.

    I have already mentioned my favorite Indian members, just updating vinod2070 into my listing. My favorite Pakistani members i like most of the time and at times are Kaserkin, qsaark, develeporo[spellings] AgonistMuslim, EmoGirl, Jana, Fatman sir, sprinklingway, muse, Mastkhan. I am not a...
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    My favorite indian members.

    ejzar, Bangalore most of the times. Paritosh and Joe shearer, at times. An Indian Defense Technocrat of great caliber is missing here; whom i may appreciate, actually big vacuum need to be filled.
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    Poll: End of human civilization

    Non of them. ''Nature loves symmetry''.
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    India in Afghanistan : Ministry of EA

    If you think that Pakistani establishment was/is very proactive and hyper power in this region then I am sorry to say that it’s not true. Indian limitations are universal and same applies on Pakistan as far as central Asia is concerned. Your religious/ethnic dynamics has no significance in...
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    6 trillion barrels oil in Baluchistan?

    A good read First you need to understand a little about the politics of petroleum. It takes massive amounts of investment capital to explore and drill for oil and gas. Then even more investment is required to get any discovered oil produced and transported to market. The risk factors of...
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    China can no longer plead poverty

    live and let live China, typical western journalism. Like we say ''chit be meri pat be meri'' both sides of coin are mine. I have objection if you are poor or rich.
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    Time to debunk ‘friendly India’ myth

    Snub mode on: So called friendship is strengthened if you have some thing to offer or something to jeopardize. Bangladesh has plenty to offer same like India. Given Indian's stands with Pakistan the later has no merit as far as India is to pay serious attention. India can afford animosities and...
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    India in Afghanistan : Ministry of EA

    At Pakistani enthusiasts. I think you are frozen in previous times or knowingly trying to went of your insecurities with premature comments. The whole negotiation thing with Taliban is for not to get them on board as an ideology but people, this is what all powers involved are trying to...