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  • Hey Thank you for coming to PDF. You are like a cool breeze in scorching heat of the June.
    Salaam Bro

    See your Pakistani in Turkey, are you their permanently or just for job.

    Also what’s real Turkish opinion of Pakistanis ?
    Walikum Salam.

    Academic purposes.

    I have only seen people being happy that I am from Pakistan, generally. They have been very welcoming.

    There can be a few rascists, but very few. Maybe the odds are 95 to 5.

    Overall, it's been a very, very heartwarming experience, and I am not overstating.
    Hi. I deleted the thread of 'Extreme poverty in countries around the world' after you said that the map of Pakistan was not displayed correctly.
    Hello, it's quite reassuring to read sane comments on this forum not affected by emotional bias by Pakistani members, it's a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work sir.
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