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    Egyptian Newspapers: On Jews and Israel

    I was hoping for a more involved and solution oriented discussion on your part, instead of the “Arab evil, Israeli good” argument. Being Jewish, It would have been interesting to get input on the prevalent and diverse Jewish/Israeli views on the Arab community within Israel and Palestine. I...
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    Incredible India - Tourism places

    @Mr.Nair Thank you for tagging me in this very nice thread. This land hosting both our countries is indeed very beautiful, diverse and rich in culture. I hope and dream for a future where our countries can develop a stable and mature relationship, which can be used to leverage each other's...
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    A complete encirclement Of Pakistan? by the Indo-Afghan alliance??

    The Afghans have enjoyed the hospitality of Pakistani people and will continue to do so. They have had decent opportunities in Pakistan and work hard. They are present in every major city and well integrated. The drug and timber mafia which came from Afghanistan and expanded into Pakistan should...
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    SC orders govt to implement 2007 Lal Masjid judgment

    Yet, Qadri was hanged by the Court's decision. It seems the prevalent political environment has more of an impact on many decisions, instead of always defending the people and state regardless of political ramifications.
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    SC orders govt to implement 2007 Lal Masjid judgment

    Not really. Nor does Pakistan being called Islamic have anything to do with the court's ruling here. The legal matter at hand is in justly analyzing the role of Lal Masjid administration which vandalized public property, illegally occupied territory, enacted violent protests and actions through...
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    SC orders govt to implement 2007 Lal Masjid judgment

    Here I was hoping that the verdict would be to ban Maulana Abdul Aziz and his wife and maybe (just maybe) actually try them in a terrorist court for their primary role in indoctrinating their student with religion driven violence and thuggery prior to the military operation. In context of the...
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    Some of the world's most elite special forces: Business Insider: Defense

    Such lists are meaningless except to learn the names of special forces of various countries. In terms of experience, US has some of the most versatile forces available which have been very active since their formation many decades ago. UK also boasts a huge experience in this aspect due to its...
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    Pakistan's Service Rifle (G-3, Type-56) Replacement Competition 2016.

    We need to focus on high value for money and licensed production of weapons in Pakistan. This is a huge and costly project we are talking about which shall span a decade so even a middle tier weapon in this list can be better for us if we negotiate excellent purchase contract terms with its...
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    US Government vs Congress: Sale of F16s to Pakistan

    I am a bit surprised as to the illogical criticism on Pakistan's stance here and more so on the complete disregard of the historical background and key drivers of our war against terrorists. Being a Major Ally, Pakistan is entitled to push for the sale through the previously agreed Financial...
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    Egyptian Newspapers: On Jews and Israel

    @Solomon2 Judaism is not the same as Israel, just as Islam is not the same as Taliban or any single entity. There are many respectable practicing Jews and Muslims in this world who love their fellow man regardless of their faith, creed and ethnicity. Unfortunately we live in a world where it...
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    Pakistan may study other fighter options as US asks Pakistan to make full payment for F-16 purchase

    When it comes to strategic alliances, many countries get financial assistance from USA. Israel, Egypt etc. For Pakistan to not press for the financial assistance package is irrational, our economy has suffered enormously due to a highly unstable and chaotic Afghanistan/Pakistan belt in a post US...
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    Most French people think Islam is incompatible with nation's values: PM

    I do not think that a Muslim living in a secular country is incompatible. Practicing true Islamic values in your personal life is not something which should lead towards a person having a mutually antagonistic relationship with a truly secular society which does not allow religious bias to...
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    Gwadar port to be operational by year end :Chinese official

    Apologies for delayed response and thanks for sharing the more detailed document published in 2008. I am posting two sections of the report below which show that Gwadar also offers a significant potential in context of China, which is not realizable without significant infrastructure...
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    Mumtaz Qadri Hanged in Adiyala Jail

    Shrines are a highly successful business venture in our part of the world... I do not think it shall be possible for the government to step in and stop people over visiting a grave or construction of a fully functional shrine...unfortunately this person has already become a holy avenger/saint...
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    A Turf War

    Power games do result in a lot of planning, clever statements and well timed actions; however Nawaz Sharif has created a huge mess on his own which is hard to clean up or justify through criticism of military and other political forces. This man has been nearly absent from the assemblies...

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