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  • Sir AoA
    will be in Lhr on 28th May eve. staying at PC
    returning to Khi on 29th May eve - 6pm flight
    Yar there is a tool in Google and yahoo. it helps to translate things from English to different languages and vice versa
    मुझे नफरत है भारत और भारतीयों.

    this sentence translates into "I HATE INDIA AND INDIANS"

    its written in hindi so that injuns know better before dealing with me that i have no respect for them
    yea he was
    he was a loyal pakistani. Due to him Qaid e Azam ordered withdrawl of troops from Ramzak and waziristan.
    Gracy told Qaid that these people will declare independence if army withdraws and qaid replied " they are my brothers I will happily let them declare freedom then to use force against them. and history proved that during sixties they defended pakistan against afghan regulars who wanted to infiltrate in name of Pashtunistan before pak armies arrival.(Gen Shukat Riza)

    Intrestingly Hafiz Gul Bahader of North Wazistan, leader of Waziri Allience is grand son of Haji Saab
    brother he is FAQIR OF APPI
    the famous freedom fighter from waziristan. he led a sucessfull insurgency against british raj.
    he was a sufi belonging to Qaderia order.
    thanks a lot sir

    yes I agree ... our disagreements will definitely persist, but then we are here to share our views while not forgetting that the other is also only expressing his views

    feelings are heartily reciprocated.

    Thank you for your kind message. I am getting better, and finally back to work after 6 days on the bed. There are things over which one has no control and I guess getting sick due to viral infection is one of them. My specialization in Molecular Virology did me no good when it came to fight with H1N1. But well, atleast I am better now.

    LOL Yeah I saw that one and couldn't help but laugh. No wonder Indian tanks were getting destroyed left right and centre. Our 'original' cobra's were busting them up even before they were accepted in the U.S army :P
    Thanks for your thank you on one of my posts. I wanted to thank you too, on a post i liked written by you, but as i am new to this forum, i do not know how to!

    Thanks, and take care...
    my friend, kindly send me your e-mail address (if you feel comfortable) my e-mail is mkbbcs@yahoo.com
    Yeah DoW 2 is great. But I feel the 'expert' enemy was too easy to defeat, the game play is wonderful though, requires you to think more.
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