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  • MashAllah that's quite an achievement. Mubarik ho!

    And TT bananay per bhi mubarikbaad :P Well deserved!

    I'm in Lahore too. Drop me your contact number and I'll give you a call.
    hi AG

    I thought i will get the time to hang around in Lhr but exams totally consumed me. Then had to rush back to Pindi for flying the next day. I have ur number and will contact you whenever I am in Lhr next time.

    take care

    Doin' fine. Your msg. came over as an "unapproved" visitor message. Wonder what that means. It looked fine to me but said it had been "moderated".


    Life might be pickin' up a bit in our industry. Long, long ways to go. Hope your summer has been good and your family safe and happy,

    Hi AG

    Thanks a lot for your support. Well I am in Pak right now and had been quite busy for last few weeks and for the weeks coming as well. Hope everything is fine at ur end and hope to keep in touch.

    Regards X
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