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  • Sir a small doubt..You said in a post that Pakistan Airforce will get additional F-16 after they got released from USN..Is USN using F-16??I mean they use F-18 aircrafts on their carrier right??
    Hi. Just go to the advanced options when you're making a post and you'll see an upload option there somewhere. If you have trouble just ask Bezerk, he is the expert.
    THANKS. dear brother, as you know chinese, never show thier cards, they make thier enemy , blind so when the real time comes , enemy is very much blind, & that could be a turning point!
    i think , with advise of chinese, PAF is trying to get its hands , on EU type platform , so that after PAKISTAN & CHINA ,, could copy it!
    dear sir, i just has started, a thread in militry aviation, sec!
    i couldnt , find any of our "BIG GUNS", I mean pro's, so plz, put some light on the issue!
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