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  • Well the dude in the pic is Altair, notice the chopped off finger. During Ezio's time they no longer needed to chop off fingers.
    Thank you sir.

    The problem has been fixed and it was either a bug or an attack.
    Sir have you ranked any posts today ??

    Let me know because there seems to be a spam attack on the forum in shape of automatic ranking.
    Truth is kashmir is with India and zaid hameed, JUD, LET ke pichware mein dum hain na to kashmir leke dikhaye.............hath pao mein dum nahi hum kisi se kam nahin wali baaat kar di.........we all know ur capabilities and thts why kashmir is still with us and will always remain, jo ukharna hain ukhad le ********

    Before calling us beggars the true beggars r u guys doosre country ke paise me jee rahe hain.

    I guess u r not aware with present time and politics.......since if u wud have been then u wud have known tht India has got a booming economy with excellent all round work and developments going around and more and more mncs are wanting to do business with india.

    Lastly if u got dum then take kashmir, but since last 60 years nothing happened on the other hand we had balls to divide you guys into 2 countries and inshallah aage bhi hoga "balochistan
    W.A. All - Green bahi. Been here and there, mostly busy with travel and studies. Good to hear from you mate, sab teekh hai?
    Hi Sir,
    I really like your posts. You always talk sense.
    I always look forward for ur posts. keep it up sir.
    BTW how old are you?
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