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  • AoA Sir,

    Am fine, what about you ?? Where are you nowadays ?? Seem busy as seeing less of you on the forum.

    Howz family ??

    Mine one are fit and fine. Little one growing fast mashAllah and getting more cute day by day :)

    Walekum Assalam AG

    Thanx for the messege, appreciate ur seiments ad will convey the same to M M Mammoo. Im going to post a few picture of him, for all o you guys.

    Tak care. Kind regards, god of war
    Hey AG
    re Jinnah, I can tell the usual comments without even reading through but just to ensure that we handle it right I will give it proper read before answering to help people understand better
    what a Marvellous, selfless and true genius this Jinnah was..
    Dear AG:

    WAS. Thank you for the words of encouragment.

    Hope to be a useful part of the TT Team. Would appreciate and welcome any guidance.


    Hi brother, i think you are a admin??
    Can i ask how many posts i need to
    be able to open a new thread?
    Thanks for checking up. I'm still around and check up on things here every now and then. It's my last year of studies and it is killing me. I have too much on my plate. You know that PDF can be addictive, so for now I want to stay away from it as much as I can. I know that if I start posting, I'll be hooked.

    Can't talk about the future, though. It's up to Allah. I can just work hard now.

    You tell me, how is everything? How are things going with your life and with PDF?


    Thanks for asking, everyone's doing great mashaAllah.

    Just super busy these days. How are you?

    Thanks alot for your kind words Sir! Really appreciated. And yes about Moderation, we need to adopt a stiffer approach in order to maintain and raise the standards of this beautiful Forum.

    I am fine ,working in SUNCOR Fort Mcmurray Alberta .Posted Thread for flood relief fund.

    Please donate and inform friends

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