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  • Dear,
    Its always do & die.&dont ask why!
    For me, u can think, was Missing in action ,some where, bt reallly thanks for carring, really feeling alone since came back, lots of new peopls here,
    ThAnks for your care & love,
    I was missing u all
    can infraction be removed before its expire date by moderators or administrator and how many infraction points lead to a ban from the forum??
    salams back all green
    as i told you, i am a warrior , & i went into a mission , came back now!
    everything is oky, & iam back fighting on fourm , hope u will be watching my back!
    hello, in present times of despair, we need to project every little positive about our armed forces. this will surely help improving he image of military in eyes of national and international community.

    these day, the military is busy in helping the flood effected people in Sindh. i have started a thread to cover the event. it will be really nice if you can take out some time and visit:


    a bit of your appreciation and contribution regarding this event is required.

    thanks in advance!
    Dear AG. Sorry for late reply as I read your message today. Been busy with flying and family. Hope everything good at your end. Regards
    hello, there have been lots of discussion going around the Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS) since the launch of PAKSAT 1R.
    i have been following the project since the NCA approved Space Program 2040. the article have been completed and i have shared at:


    please do check out, i hope you will find this helpful.
    moreover if you have anything to contribute regarding the PRSS, please do on this thread, it will be really helpful!
    W/Salaam brother,

    Life has been tricky, I haven't been able to advance in my studies due to various reasons, have been working for the past 2-3 years and tried to study aswell.

    However, in a few weeks beginning from September I will continue where I left, and this time finish my course. (Trade Management based on Asia/China)

    Life could've been better I suppose, but alhamdullilah I cannot complain, as there are people who have it even worse.

    We got to keep going and take our chances.

    I'm back for good now, how about you? I haven't seen much posts lately from you, or I must've looked in the wrong sections.

    Life consuming you?

    Keep in touch~!

    - Jihad
    Dear All Green,

    Back in 2009, you had sent me a message on my profile.
    I do not remember or know if I had replied to your message.

    I hope all is well with you, it's been too long. :)

    Kind greetings.

    - Jihad
    Dear All Green!I need ur views about the incident of kharotabad. To whom should we believe? Media,eyewitnesses ,military reports,columnists.Tell me little about it.Not in detail. Thanks
    trust me, i know!!! I guess we'll just have to ride out the waves and continue to stand firm --until the ''dear leaders'' get their act together --Lord knows when that'll be
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