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  • its not really a matter whether modi asked or not , trump offer to mediate kashmir dispute is great diplomatic win for pakistan as pakistan always looking for third party involvement
    What will be the Impact on Middle East if USA, Russia, China & India backs Israel

    I opened a thread on World Affairs Please post your comment, It’s Research Journalism
    I've recently done M.Sc in IT n applied for DSSC as Information n computer technology officer(ICTO) in army.. M gona give initial academic/written test on 26th july 2010.. i dont know anything about format of test ?and have no idea how n from where i've to prepare for test?... whether it will be a general test ? or it will be specific to my field? plz guide me.. thanks in advance
    That's pretty sweet dude! How was it? I plan on going next summer. Oh yeah and dude I had to get a new msn account and your email got misplaced, do you still use msn?
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