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Jan 16, 2012
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    1. Targon
      Hak edene.
    2. Targon
      Lan yürü ocağına ne işi var senin gibi adamların internetle teknolojiyle falan.
    3. Targon
      İstemiyomuş, vay anasını be, sana mı kaldı lan ? çok mu zor anasını satayım şunu anlamak, kendi dinini nasıl istiyosan yaşa, yeter ki başkasına DA-YAT-MA.

      Bi de bitiyorum şu mason olayına, mason mason mason herkes mason anasını satayım.
    4. Cem_
      Bana bidaha oyle seyler yazma, ilk okul arkadasin yok karsinda.
    5. King Solomon
      King Solomon
      Thinking deeply on it, it may be suspected if the British fabricated those Hadiths in order to stir hate between Arabs and Ottomans?

      Only Allah knows the truth
    6. King Solomon
      King Solomon
      Okay I just had a look at them a bit more.

      First of all I don't think Turkish people were known as "Turks" at that time. They were probably known as "Romans/Rum" or the Byantine empire. So, I would doubt the authenticity of these Hadiths, it is necessary to cross check them.
    7. King Solomon
      King Solomon
      Yes, I do sometimes research on end-time prophecies.

      About Kitalut Turk hadiths, I did not conduct research on them as of yet. But in my opinion it may refer to the coming possible Russian occupation of Turkish lands. Just my opinion, no means asserting what I am saying as truth. Also I do not know if those kitalut turk hadiths are authentic.

      Pls note I deem Turkey as my brother country. But it is just my analysis of hadith and I try to remain impartial in them.
    8. King Solomon
    9. King Solomon
      King Solomon
    10. King Solomon
      King Solomon
      Don't listen to Mullahs and religious scholars. Don't listen to them. I was also like you, confused with my religion until I STOPPED listening to any Mullahs.

      ONLY follow the Quran for guidance. ONLY Quran (Not Quran Tafsir!). DO NOT listen to religious MULLAHS.

      Quran is the ONLY guidance for Muslims. All ESSENTIALS have been documented by our God in the Quran. I also had weak faith like you until I started following ONLY Quran. :)

      If you do decide to read quran, read the English Translation, not Arabic (if you don't know Arabic). I would recommend this translation, its cheap as well as written in very good language: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Quran-Oxford-Worlds-Classics/dp/0199535957
    11. King Solomon
      King Solomon

      What is religion?

      How could the one be religious?

      Is everything we in Islam, truely in Islam?

      As long as you

      - Believe that God exists.

      - Believe in the unseen (Jinns, angels, Satan)

      - Keep up prayer (5 times/day). Prayer means "connection with Allah".

      - Give some out of what God gave you (Charity)

      - Believe in the revelation sent to Mohammed (pbuh) and all the other prophets (in their original form) like Bible, Torah etc.

      - Believe that you will be resurrected after death and you will face the judgment day.

      ...... You are a religious person (Source: Sura Bakara, Quran).
    12. Armstrong
      Indeed He is !
    13. Armstrong
      I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. - Socrates !
    14. Armstrong
      Mate, I opened the link and it seems to work fine for me ! I suggest that you go to Youtube and search 'Story of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Part 1/11 English Movie' - that should do it.
    15. Armstrong
      Hey Bro ! Can I ask you to take the time out to watch the movie 'Jinnah'. Its a biographical account of the Founder of Pakistan and the Pakistani Movement. I found it uploaded here on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e13IGsw0wGw

      I'd be much obliged should you decide to watch it !
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