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    Featured Pakistan Navy welcomes 'most advanced' warship delivered by China

    It will be installed export version of type 517 radar on that position
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    Pakistan Navy interested in type 056

    Check difference of the holes in the back of the ship
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    Pakistan Navy interested in type 056

    I understand now why PN is interested in Type056A. 054A/P has watered down its anti-submarine system
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    Pakistan Navy interested in type 056

    Don‘t waste time on arguing with a person from a nation built on belife but not on fact. There is seldom of nations with its nationality who widely study dialectics and materialism, which make me find it is hard to take with them if they do not work as a scientist. 就像中文论坛上流行的说法,巴机就是信了绿教的阿三 I...
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    Difference between pl-15 and s400 missiles

    meteror is less maneuveralbe because it use ramjet engine, which can not absorb enough air in high G mobility. The is why US, Russian and China only use ramjet engine in missiles for low mobility targets such as bomber
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Don't take it seriously Looser need some spirit drug to make themselves feel well
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    Chinese Aero Engine information thread

    CJ1000A progress CJ-1000A初始批整机(03台份)遥测系统硬件加工及天线制作调试国际招标公告 Also we now know that WS-16 and WS-21 are UAV engine.
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    Type 076 Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD?) News & Discussions

    I think it should be called as "unmanned assault weapon carrier".
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    Featured German embargo on UAE K9 howitzer

    Because they produce German engine under-license without their own intellectual property right
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    China plans to use Bangladesh population to conduct Phase III Covid-19 vaccine trials

    Why indians do not report UK used Indians as ginuea pig to test their COVID-2019 vaccines? Oh, Indians call it collacoration though they only contribute their people as volunteers
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    I don't think AZM could be an independent project
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    I mean this year. Somebody said a single engine one will come out this year
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    Maybe the prototype will come out in a few month?
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    Chinese Aero Engine information thread

    The most interesting one is the "XXCC" engine XXCC means TBCC or RBCC
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    China Inks Military Deal With Iran Under Secretive 25-Year Plan

    What is strange is,there is not any report in China, very much unlike CPEC. I believe 280 + 120 Billion is an upper-limit but not a real number. How much of the real number depends on billateral negotiation.