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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    Does this golden rule apply to Israel, US of A? Or when they commit war crimes, kill children, bomb entire villages and cities, is politics only?
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    Adios Amigos and countrymen

    I want to move too. But financial constraints aren't letting me.
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    5 troops matryred 3 injured in IED blast, Balochistan.

    That's so freaking sad and appalling on so many levels.
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    PDF Member Zarwan Spotted at Imran Khan Rally

    Well-done mate. @Zarvan
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    7 soldiers martyred since last 14 hours in Waziristan.

    There's nothing political about our men dying due to lack of necessary gear and equipment.
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    Ex-Servicemen with Imran Khan

    Current service men will decide
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    PDM challenging hosting of OIC Conference

    Definitely has some backing from inside and outside forces. A****le
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    Military tests anti Air weapon in Jamshoro range

    Seems like a drone shot down by aam
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    YLC-8E UHF radars

    Jealous indiot?
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    Mosque housing 80 civilians in Mariupol bombarded

    Not hurem sultan please.
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    Opinionated - The child cursed Ukraine in mother's womb (18+)

    I'm saying that all of this can be faked

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