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    A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries

    A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries By Max Fisher, Published: May 15, 2013 at 3:28 pm When two Swedish economists set out to examine whether economic freedom made people any more or less racist, they knew how they would gauge economic freedom...
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    Anti-Hefazat activists puts up 12-point demand

    - Opposition groups (particularly Jamaat-Shibir) protest -> AL, BCL, and Police attack and kil them in the streets - Shahbag protests clog up the freakin' capital city -> AL has no problem, quite the opposite - Hefaazat-e-Islam come for just one day -> AL directly/indirectly labels them...
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    Awami League woman policy - assault, abuse and even rape them

    The AL are indeed a disgusting, immoral party. Not to mention their hypocrisy, bigotry and militant-secularism as practised by their student/goon wing. I can attest to these attributes of theirs as the majority of my relatives on both sides of my family are extremely staunch ALers and I see just...
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    ‘De-Islamizing’ Bangladesh

    To @Ayush and @Spring Onion (since he asked in another thread) No, I'm not Hindu :) Akash is a word in Bengali that simply means "sky" and has no religious meaning as far as I know. Also, my posts, avatar, and signature should be enough to determine my religion.
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    ‘De-Islamizing’ Bangladesh

    I try to be nice with Indians, I really do. But after reading through this thread and a few other ones today, I don't know how much longer I can go about doing this. The hypocrisy and bigotry I've witnessed today is simply unimaginable.
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    ‘De-Islamizing’ Bangladesh

    As @Spring Onion said, you're mixing up what Islam says and what terrorists do. Groups like Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, etc. are called "khawaarij": terrorists/extremists as defined by Islam. They, and their disgusting ideology, should be confused with what Islam says.
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    ‘De-Islamizing’ Bangladesh

    I'm sorry.. what?! Women not allowed to be educated according to sharee'ah? Lol. Sources, please. And don't bring extremist sources, thanks.
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    Politics of Language & Partition of India

    I understand your point that it may have been more prevalent during the time of partition. But what I am saying that whether we can see it or not, the issue is still present. Considering the extremely large number of Bengalis, irrespective of religion, it is impossible to do away with an issue...
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    Politics of Language & Partition of India

    I really believe we need a Urdu/Hindi kind of distinction for this issue. There is no point in dragging out this clear clash of cultures. Then Hindu Bengalis, and maybe Hindus in general also, can be assured that their type of Bengali will be free of "blasphemy" because of the absence of our...
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    Malala, Khaleda and Hasina are characterless: Hefajat E Islam Hujur

    Hefazat-e-Islam are closet Jamaatis/neo-razaakaars! One day we will rid our land of all scoundrels who dare to be Bengali and Muslim at the same time! Joy Bangla! Joy Bongobondhu! :taz:
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    Bangladesh Comes of Age: bdnews24.c0m

    Bdnews24, quite the fall it has fallen. Lol.
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    Naval Market Forecast Newsletter Fleet Renewal in Full Swing

    (Please don't reply to this to stay on topic) It made me very happy to see a discussion on military matters and equipment after a long time, and a constructive one at that. Too much politics is not good for our health anyways. :P Alright, now carry on my fellow members.
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    RIP mister President

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji'oon. In death, we have no political parties. All we take with us are our deeds. May Allah reward him for his good, forgive him for his sins and shower His mercy upon him.
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    [TROLLIN'] I am against a secular, independent Bangladesh. I pray that one day Bangladesh will be a colony of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and all the honourable razakaars will be awarded for their valiant efforts in 1971. [/TROLLIN'] I had to do it. We all know there are some people on...
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    Awami league activist caught while vandalizing Shahid Minar

    I can assure you that I am no newbie, more of a silent reader. :) Like I said, no language should be abused, but I too am personally against the helms of the Bengali language being the hands of India/West Bengal (the minority). At the least, our Bengali is different as it is a symbol of our...

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