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    India to vote against Sri Lanka in UNHRC

    check out the wardi wale gunday of crpf ,,....jawan ya haiwan..................
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    India to vote against Sri Lanka in UNHRC

    lies of iGoI has been called out by the courts when it banned GOI from using child soldiers of salwa judum to fight maoists.Reality is that its the Govt forces who were caught using child soldiers rather than maoists.rest is GOI propaganda and the propaganda of Pdf indians.
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    India to vote against Sri Lanka in UNHRC

    And these were the kids killed by napunsak indian security forces in 2010 kashmir intifada. Irshad Ahmad Parray (11), S/o Muhammad Ashraf Parray R/o Old Iddgah,[85] Anantnag, 30 August Shakeel Ahmad Ganai (14), R/o Lalad, Sopore[25], 25 June Faizan Buhroo (10), Baramulla, 19 July Anees...
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    India to vote against Sri Lanka in UNHRC

    GOI's pet dogs cant fight rebellious men women and even after they were unable to break the will of tribal womenfolk by using rapes as weapoon they started salwa judum the child soldiers to fight thses maoists and women.napunsak men in uniform used child soldiers of salwa judum to fight...
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    India to vote against Sri Lanka in UNHRC

    Ah... crocodile's tears when indian forces kill kids on regular basis all over india. Munglee Mandawi shows the photo of her son Chainu, who was killed by security forces on December 12, near Bala village in Kanker district. Her youngest son Rajawu is with her...
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    Prabhakaran's son was killed in cold blood by Lankan forces?

    how many kids indian army shot down in kashmir /northeast /red corridor---that too kids as young as 3 -5 yrs.And here are indians shedding crocodile's tears./Did any of the indian or tamil leader condemn the use of child soldiers and child suicide bombers by prabhakaran.......height of...
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    Pakistan loses 4th spot to India in ICC test ranking. Drops to 5th Position

    to kya hua ...tumko to ghar main ghus ke aise dho kar gaya jaise koi dhobi ghat par kapade dhota hai.
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    Tinder box - Pakistan :A discussion with MJ Akbar !!

    Atleast barking dog alerts his master against the thieves.I'm worried wout the lazy dogs who just sleeps and opens one eye just to see whats going on around it meanwhile the burglar does his job of stealing and destroying the house.
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    Anti-Koondakulum stir 'sponsored' from outside, alleges Russia

    Naa ji protesters should listen to Bishops and cardinals of the church and udaykumar who dont even know "N" of nuclear and trust them that god has himself revealed them the 11th commandment-"Thou shalt not construct NPP unless procured from USA".....:rofl:
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    Naswar Corner

    lets talk about some great hounourable and chivalrous things rajputs did................
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    The Killing of a Young Boy

    i may not be lacking grey matter but its for sure that you skull has full of gobar instead of any brain.thats why you keep farting off from ur keyboard.
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    Naswar Corner

    So Johar is honourable for you.......So according to you women should die when their rajput husband is dead. or the family should kill their infant daughters by drowning them into bucket of milk.what a hounarable things you rajput do...And as for rapes.Rajputs who always came from ruling class...
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    Naswar Corner

    So i was not wrong afterall.....it took me time to go thorough all those tagged posts......... Btw way what made you think so that i can be used as an assest in war....Itna pagal samjha hai kya???? waise i must give you credit for writing good stories.do one thing please write some good...
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    Naswar Corner

    you are going off the trajectory here.What i m addressing the the fake pride issues/overblown bloated egos of Rajput clans and the misogyny of patriarchal rajput society.you are making it a individual affair....
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    Naswar Corner

    Chalo lets talk about over glorified rajput pride and history.In the Indian socio-occupational hierarchy, Rajputs are inseparably linked to violence. Traditionally prescribed the job of protecting society from external threats and ensuring order, they later fell to aggressors and oppressed those...

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