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    1. Sher Malang
      Sher Malang
    2. Desert Fox
      Desert Fox
      i couldn't post the whole thing as one so i had to post everything separately.

      Part 1

      When it comes to Pakistan india rivalry, there is no honesty, there is no in between, its only black and white.
      It should be the goal of every sane Afghan to try and avoid getting tangled in the Indo-Pak web of disputes and conflicts.
    3. Desert Fox
      Desert Fox
      Part 1a

      Pakistan's situation is different unlike that of india, Geographically Pakistan is a neighbor of Afghanistan and shares a very long border with the country, and you and i both know how secure that border is, its really difficult to guard and monitor who goes in and out. Neither does Pakistan have the resources nor the money to build any kind of fence or wall on that border, add to that the families and tribes that live across the border and have families, relatives, business, on either side of the border. Our situation is complex, we have no choice now, we can't pick Pakistan up and put it somewhere more stable on the map, and neither can we do the same with Afghanistan, we and you have to live with this reality now. This among many other reasons is why Pakistan can't have indian presence in Afghanistan.
    4. Desert Fox
      Desert Fox
      Part 2:

      It is in the interest of Pakistan to have a stable Afghanistan, and i know that the government and military of Pakistan made terrible choice in the past by supporting barbaric groups like Taliban who completely gave Afghanistan to the Arabs on a silver platter, but you have to understand Pakistan's gov and military did it out of desperation because they had no other option or they just couldn't find another option, and i do disagree with what our government did to Afghans in the past, and so do a lot of Pakistanis, but lets not repeat the same mistakes again. Its up to the Afghans to be mature and not involve foreign powers on their soil who share no border or cultural ties with their country to come in and use their soil against neighboring countries, and i'm sure you are smart enough to know that this applies to any foreign country that has enmity with any of Afghanistan's neighbors.
    5. Desert Fox
      Desert Fox
      Walaikum Salam brother

      I agree with some of the points you made, but you have to think critically: This is where the problem lies as you yourself have pointed it out that no one is innocent be it neighbors or foreign powers, but you must understand and remember that it was this same reason which got this whole mess started in the first place. You can't have india in Afghanistan and not expect Pakistan to turn its back on indian presence near its weakest spot, and after all the wars fought between Pakistan and india, and the loss of East Pakistan in 1971 due to the covert indian assistance of rebels during that war, how can you think allowing india in Afghanistan will do any good? As i said, it would be a much safer option to involve neighboring countries that share borders with Afghanistan in the effort for stability, and if you do want to involve other countries in contributing to Afghanistan's stability then they should be neutral with regards to regional conflicts and disputes.
      Salam bradar, mesyzeto gareftam.
      Nrahat az harfam nasho.
    7. Sher Malang
      Sher Malang
      Yeah I forgot to mention Mazar, I been to Helmand 2 months ago for the first time, I didn't believed it is the same province I hear bad news from... there was alot of construction works going on.. people were busy with works and studies just like other provinces.. almost every road and street was constructed..the province has soo much green area.. i loved it
    8. Sher Malang
      Sher Malang
      Oh, I couldn't find any other Sher Malang here, may be you mean Sher Shah who is in your list.
    9. Sher Malang
      Sher Malang
      Sorry for replying late and that's because I had less than 50 posts!

      Yeah Herat is leading, every development depends on the culture of it's people, like how they see it.. look provinces like Herat, Jalalabad they had so much developments.

      I got your message but couldn't reply btw what did you mean by (it looks like your old name has been temp banned)?
    10. Areesh
      No problem bro.
    11. pak-marine
      ws , all well bro , how was it back home ? hope things are getting back to normal
    12. pak-marine
      Not seeing you much on the forum these days Ahmed , how are things ?
    13. S.M.R
    14. Sher Malang
      Sher Malang
      Salam, yeah that's great! now when you pass the main road you don't see dust in that area! my father says chaman was a place for concerts and exhibitions but hopefully after it's reconstruction we will get to see some good things happening in there.
    15. blackops
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