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    Clinical human trials begin for COVID-19 vaccine in China

    Which Chinese vaccine is effective against British and south african strain
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    Pak will buy 20 million of cansino
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    China pulls BBC World News off air for serious content violation

    Time for Pakistan to shut down Voice of america urdu,pashto Bbc urdu Independent urdu All these anti state pro separatists propaganda services in Pakistan
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    Chinese plan to boost 'masculinity' with Physical Education classes sparks debate

    I wish filipinos had started this a long time back :p
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    Yeh saw the data he said it's 74.5% effective in Pakistan and 100% effective against severe infection now I'm confused between choosing cansino or sinopharm , sinopharm is the most effective of all Chinese vaccine so far but I wonder if they cover new strains like uk, south african or brazilian
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    What about single dose cansino , it's result was due this week ? If cansino results came promising it will end corona from south asia atleast
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    Senior Afghan Army Officer Assassinated

    He must have to do with the killings in Balochistan also his celebration of killings of fc forces short lived
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    Coronavirus: 30-40% of infected Israelis have the UK strain - Nachman Ash

    It's two dose vaccine no third jab , they have stopped delivery untill March I believe they are modifying it to cover new strains now this whole rna vaccine is a suspicious, no one knows it's effects in future and fda who approved it with lightning speed over only 2 months trials
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    Coronavirus: 30-40% of infected Israelis have the UK strain - Nachman Ash

    Pfizer is ineffective against uk strain People have been fooled into injecting pfizer into tens of millions of people showing it as a savior
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    Saudi Arabia and Qatar open borders, end feud

    That's a very good news for the whole region And a bad news for iran
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    How UAE tried to sabotage Qatar’s economy amid the GCC crisis

    A stupid move I must say when they know centcom is in Qatar , usa will not abandon qatar
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    'We will invade India': Shoaib Akhtar bats for Ghazwa e Hind

    Ghazwe hind is inevitable and thanks modi for bringing it a step closer before modi it looked like a fairy tale
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    Doctor reportedly has severe allergic reaction to Moderna COVID vaccine

    About 2 million people taken these moderna pfizer as of now. Few got reactions makes it very safe
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    How Gwadar is RISING to be a WORLD CLASS City

    Not possible , as long as Abu Dhabi has huge reserves of oil and gas they will keep pumping money in Dubai to keep it float also Dubai is Las Vegas of Arabs , they can travel from saudia Oman bahrain kuwait by road to Dubai to enjoy cheap liquor and white prostitutes which gwadar isn't going to...

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