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    how does the warning/strike system work?

    how does the warning/strike system work?
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Yes, by pulling the trigger I meant making the weapon, as a deterrent. As far as firing is considered that's completely another discussion. It makes complete sense on their end, don't expect your enemies to respect your customs.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    At the end of the day the fatwa exists and can be possibly changed. So of course Western analysts won't see it as something set in stone and this fact guides their policy. It's unreasonable to expect the Americans and Israelis to believe that Iran won't pull the trigger just because there is a...
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    History of Sindhis

    Forget it bro, we don't claim to be Punjabis. I've never seen a saraiki who says he's a Punjabi. They disown us and we disown them. And saraikis today also include many Balochis, Sindhis and Pakhtun tribes who live in the waseb.
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    PMLN set a new world record for the press conferences today.

    سكرات الموت انشاء الله
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    Zawahiri's killing: India must hit terror at its source

    nandu on suicide watch. indian pilots applying for leaves. clouds cover the borders.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Taqiyya is also a thing in Shia Islam.
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    Pentagon opposes Pelosi's Taiwan trip due to Chinese warning

    It was China that made a big deal out of it by threatening of consequences and all that. Now if they do nothing they will stand humiliated. Shouldn't have made big statements like that, they trapped themselves.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Yes a fatwa can be changed, but in this case if this ruling was issued as wali e amr then it is even easier and more justifiable to change this order. Brother @SalarHaqq can shed more light.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Ijtihad is a thing. If not Sayyid Ali the next person can issue a different ruling.
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    Iran to replace Germany as the suppliers of Gas turbines to Russia

    We don't need West doesn't mean we don't benefit from their knowledge. I fully support stealing Western IP, stealing their technology and reverse engineering it. I mean refusing to live by the Western playbook. Like Iran and Russia are doing by challenging Western interests in Ukraine and Middle...
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    History of Punjabis

    Are khokhar and jatt different? This is confusing stuff. @Maula Jatt
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    Laughs Reacts for Martyrs on ISPR Post

    I'm sure all the support will come back in case of a war or something.
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    I miss Pervez Musharraf

    I will have to read about this topic, I don't know much about the Chinese and S.Union cooperation.
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    China : US Has No Rights to Use IMF Loans to Serve Own Interests to Pressure Pakistan !

    global times saying it like this is a serious message. dhobi ka kutta na ghr ka na ghat ka wala hisab na ho jae hamara kahin?

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