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  • Don't start a mass campaign, that is not allowed. What you can do is, if the member posts somewhere and you reply to it, you can say that you are on my ignore list and request other members to also do that. Starting a thread or doing campaign stuff is not the way.

    If he writes against India or its policies does not means he should be thrown out, we have many Pakistani members who are very critical of Pakistani policies and its doings.
    Re: visitor message on asim's wall..

    yes, that is highly offensive. i want you delete the messages you have posted on people's walls otherwise i'll ban you straight off.

    Take this as a warning.

    Though i have to respect your decision IMO TO SAVE ARMY(BOTH SIDES) FROM INSULT YOU JUST NEED TO MAKE A RULE THAT '' UNIFORMED PERSONS FROM BOTH SIDES SHOULD BE ADDRESS AS '' SOLIDERS ''. MATTER SOLVED. for Rules more than that..i have different opinion but i can't help it because it's not me but you runs the forum.
    We want civil debates here. Why do you want to do name-calling anyway? The only reason some Indians are being banned because they are engaging in petty name-calling rather than discussing issues.

    IF we didn't control this, how do we prevent the Indian army from being referred to as "Those Kuttay ke bachay Indian soldiers" All is fair right? Well not where we want good people with some manners to engage in debates of issues.

    Have a look at the type of people that were banned and for the level of comments they got the boot.

    You're free to support you cause, just do it with civility.
    Isn't that just finding a loophole in the system? Remember people have less than honorable things to say about the Indian Army as well which we are also preventing. Stick to proper, neutral terms. We are not asking you to refer to them as freedom fighters or anything.
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