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  • I did get caught up with personal family matters; my father is 91 and is understandably frail and in need of constant attention. Hope things are interesting here!
    yes! he is actually from pakistan and his mother is a Pakistani...sister is married to a Pakistani....dad is indian though but dad mother was Pakistani as well.....he is more than half Pakistani!!!!
    I dont know why was it deleted it was an important one i even poted it on his page but he didnt replied guess truth hurts
    Oh, i thought like you used name "Bhagath singh" so you might have read alot about it.His real uncle claims that he turned very religious last days of his, and its also evident by one pic of his in Jail, which shows him with Grown hairs as in sikh religious tradition. But world over he was projected Atheist.
    Anyhow, i believe a person could be very very religious and very very patriotic at same time. It has been supported by some events in history too.
    Hey whats up!! Just a discussion as your old name was Bhagath Singh and now agnostic.
    What do you think. Bhagath singh was Atheist at some point for sure. But did he turned back religious before his death or not, as there is debate behind it.
    Thanks buddy. Its nice to be back. I actually got to know of it when I saw Vinod's post. Tried to log in and voila.
    I believe the member is also banned for now, so its not true that only the one who point out or reply to the troll are banned, the member you guys identify is also banned.
    I know who it is about that person is already on my ignore list :D
    AJit TRolly right ;)
    that means if u put a particular member on ignore list,but someone other quoted her and hence her post become visible,u can ask those people also to put her in ignore list,so that her post do not gain visibility in the thread.
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