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AgNoStiC MuSliM

ADVISORS, Male, from Michigan/Lahore

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    1. Mblaze
      Bhai, why have u deleted every thread about Baluchistan?? Is it not a part of pakistan?? Then why can't one post in current affairs??

      A sticky was there, but that is about insurgencies but there are other issues too.

      I can understand if you ask me to post insurgency related bomb blast/attacks news posted in that thread. But what about human rights, economic conditions and social issue that are not covered in insurgency thread.

      And if that rule hav to be followed then why not follow rule about Toilet tthreads/poverty threads or maoists threads.

      Hiding of facts and info won't help but the addressing the problem will do.

      My opinion, of course.

    2. Lankan Ranger
    3. Smarterthanyou
      Ah, just my luck that only threads that report on china get caught on these forums.
      Page one of your same world affairs forum that you checked has your Raw send Israelis babies as food topic header and ongoing for days!

      how about this one, from garbage blogs where the link provided is not even of the one posted.

      I'd be happy to send you several links that clearly defy your house rules, but get ignored because they come from allies .
    4. Smarterthanyou
      Are you are trying to pull my leg? :D . Or do you mean you did not see this profile http://www.defence.pk/forums/search.php?searchid=2302547

      http://www.defence.pk/forums/world-affairs/157156-indias-air-pollution-worlds-unhealthiest-study-says.html Missed Chinese talking about other countries economies too? They don't have to be US specific or is the rules say that they are allowed to mock others and only members of that country can dish it back?

      Did you miss how they refer to Americans in racial terms or having us be racially abused is accepted here?

      I get that, that articles like Israelis eating babies is the quality of the posts acceptable on your world affairs forums , while my factually correct, pollution or economy news that affects the world is erroneous.
    5. Smarterthanyou
      I'm sorry, I was merely following the chinese lead and saw no mod action. Infact they get to change subject headers too willfully. If there is a different set of rules for Americans, I will gladly read it.
    6. MBI Munshi
      MBI Munshi
      Why has aazidane and Mai dong thu long not been banned yet. They should not be able to post such comments and personal photos of other members on PDF. This is harassment!
    7. KRAIT
      You awarded me one infraction point just because i made a joke, which almost everyone at every thread do. Would you have done same if some pakistani or chinese member did this ? Answer honestly.

      P.S. If you keenly think over my joke you will understand the sarcasm in it.

      Thank You
    8. twocents
      I am very appreciative of your effort at cleaning up the forum. Excessive trolling spoils the fun for everyone, trolls aside.
    9. Hello_10
      sir, I spent good time to write my posts on the thread "Bad News GDP of India" whch you deleted. I helped other members to calculate GDP in this Thread. I think Im on this forum for a very short time so I would like to keep my all posts which I wrote. so could you please email me my posts which I posted on the thread "Bad News GDP India". I want to keep them for a record. thanks
    10. Don Jaguar
      Don Jaguar
      Bhai what about my picture?
    11. Don Jaguar
    12. StrikeForce
      --Self delete--
    13. StrikeForce
      Oops my mistake... Thanks so much. Off late my love for PDF is taking control of me.

    14. StrikeForce
      I am again shocked to find my thread(The limits of the Pakistan-China alliance) was closed for the second time from World Affairs without a trace. Atleast an information can be passed before deleting a thread. I feel this is very biased approach from your side as i could see so many irrelavant threads(aimed against India) running on all categories. But none of them are deleted or closed. Did you get personal on that thread.Well what can i say? poor Indian.

      PS: The thread had higher number of hits in a short time and more neutral responses from all the participants.
    15. xataxsata
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