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  • Hello brother,sorry for my delay.
    I am not going to come to this website for almost 2 months because I have a great exam and I came accidentally today.About your question Iran means the homeland of a group of people who came to Iran first.They called it so about 4000 years ago and I think my country's name was always Iran but you know in ancient times people called it Persia since it's official language was Persian and most of the people were Persians(as you know Iran had a lot of tribes and groups with many languages but the most populated group was Persian). That's why I think people of other countries specially Greece called it Persia(country of Persians)
    Again I emphasize it is what I think and doesn't mean it is completely true.Have a great time,pray for me.
    It's even worse if you learn it the way I did.

    In art history you learn the history, but the main emphasis is put on the architecture and art of each period. For example, we would literally spend two hours on the design of some pot. You learn the history of that period through their art and architecture. It was fun but an exhausting class.

    And yeah, everybody associates ancient Egypt with pharaohs, but there was quite a bit before they came into the scene. It certainly is a long and fascinating culture. I actually enjoyed learning about the pre-dynastic period more than the other periods.
    I'm the same with Egyptian history.

    Took an art history course that was all about pre-historic Egyptian history. Learned a ton but was way too much stuff for one course. Right now I have a lot of the dates and periods mixed up in my head. If I end up going back to university I might take that course again.
    (part 2)

    I only found out that my grandfather was an Azari Turk, who could speak better tukish than Persian a few years ago!!! I was as adult when I found out (my grand ma told me). The reason why peope are so close in their genetic makeup is also because our Azari regions were simply Persian and Kurdish people who became "turkified" under Ottoman rule. The people never migrated from anywhere but simply became Turkified. Persians and Kurds have been here for millenia so there is a lot of mixing there as well. Even with Arabs down south, unless they're 100% black, there is no real division.

    Take a look at this for a complete picture of all the nations in modern day Iran:

    Also, this documentary shows the faces of modern day Iranains very well and it's a good documentary overall since it's made by Rick Steves. Take a look at it if you have time:

    (part 1)

    Not bothering me at all man, I'm interested in this sort of stuff myself.

    These stuff are online, but in this day and age the vast majority of discourse regarding Iran is political and even an issue as simple as this becomes complicated. Also the Iranian regime doesn't like to spend much time on these matters for obvious reasons (every country is responsible for advertising its own history and when our regime neglicts this, the end result is simple).

    Iranians are almost identical in their genetic make up. In the most polar extremes of the country, there are variations. For example people up North have more European features, but down south, less. But it's not enough to be able to distinguish. Also, Reza Shah destroyed tribalism back in the early 20th century.
    Hi brother
    Actually both names have been interchangeably in the 20th century, but before the 20th century after the rise of the Persian empire Iran was called Persia in most periods of history. During some periods in Iranian history Iran was called Iran and during other periods it was called Persia, it was during Reza Shah's era in 1953 that the Iranian regime officially requested other states to use Iran instead of Persia and some say it was because of Reza Shah's non-official alliance with the Nazi Germany. Iran means the land of the Aryans and that's why Reza Shah preferred this name.
    If you want to know more don't hesitate to ask brother.
    Glad I could help. The reason is simple actually. The Pari tribes (btw it's pronounced Parsi not Farsi, but since Arabic doesn't have the letter "P," the word Farsi replaced it) occupy the souhtern regions of Iran and they were also the dominant tribes when the muslims began attacking Iran (so basically the Arabs first had contact with Parsi Iranians who also happened to be the dominant players in the country).

    Until the invasion of Mongols, the Parsi/Persian culture was for the most part the dominant culture in the country. In the last 1000 years the Parsi language and culture has kept its dominant presence in the country, but the second biggest nation of Iran is comprised of Azari Turks and they have played an important role in the past millenium.

    In general though, the muslims had contact with Parsis first and remained in contact for centuries. Even before the Islamic invasion, it was Persian dominant Iran that was attacking all the Arabic tribes etc... so that's basically why.
    (Part 2)

    Alexander ended up defeating the first Persian dynasty of Iran (the Achemenid Dynasty), but later on during the Roman times, there were still other Persian dynasties ruling Iran (Sassanids for example). The Romans borrowed heavily from the Greeks as you know and one of the things they borrowed was the term "persians." All future European languages than borrowed from the Romans and again the word Persian was carried.

    After WW1, Reza Shah began asking all heads of state around the world to respect the history and name of IRan and use the correct term. Most people falsely believe that we changed our country's name, when in fact we've had the same name for more than 2000 years.
    (part 1)

    Persia comes from the Greeks and it's from the time of the Perso-Greek Wars. Iranians have always called themselves Iranian (at different times the term has varied slightly, but the root and the meaning have always remained the same).

    Around 2500 years ago Cyrus unified all the Persian and Median (medians are modern day kurds) tribes of the region and created the country Iran. Parsis/Persians were the dominant nation in the country and the capital of the country was in Parsa in south of Iran (near modern day city of Shiraz). When the Perso-Greek wars began, Greece was still not a unified nation, but a collection of different city states like Sparta, Athens etc... The Greeks began calling Iranians "Persians" and called our capital city "Persepolis" or Persian City. They simply didn't have the concept of country and called Iran Persia.
    al-moshkelah ya 7bibi inno al-7koma alma9ryah ma 7amat alsafarah 3la alwajh alma6loob. we i7na 3endena als3odeen maw6'o3 alsafarat 7asas shoyah. le2noh yama s3odein mato fe safaratna. inta to2men innoh mazloom ana au2men innoh mozneb leeh?? le2noh de al7arakat shofnaha men 8abel. tetzakar 7ekayet ta25eer alre7lah we almozaharat elle 7a9alat ba3daha.

    da7a mostahdafeeeeeeen wallahi mustahdafeeen. manta shyef fe almontada da ahoh. ra2yak eh?? da als3oody law mashy fe alshare3 we 6a7 2alo inno als3odeen kollohom ma bey3rafosh yemsho. manta shayef ahoh.

    we inta kaman shayef benafsak kalam men alsafeer almasry we ra2ees algalyah almasryah we al-8onsol almasry kaman homma eh bey8olo. kollohum ye8olo inno al8aziah feha kezb. ba3d keda inta lessa betsada8 kalam alro3a3 elle 3emlo medhaharah we kassaro al safarah we nazzalo al3alam als3oodi ra2yak eeeh ba2ah?? la2 al7okomah almasryah ma t3amletsh ma3 almawqef sa7 we dah zayo zay 7adsit poor sa3eed bezzab6. we dah ma yensekitsh 3aleeh.
    6ab oly ya agentny. Inta raiek eeh belmaodo3?? 3shan ille 7a9el 9ra7ah mosh 7elw 5ale9.

    almoshkilah 3endy asasan men elle beykzeb we yenshor isha3at fe ale3lam almasry. 9ra7ah ana itnarfizat be6re8ah fa6'ee3ah men elle shofth. esh alzat almalakiah de da ana awl marrah asma3 almo96ala7 dah.

    eeh 7okm 3'yabi dah als3udiah ma t7kemsh a7ad 3'yaban. kizib we la2 kaman rafdh tam beltrajo3 3anoh laaaaaih??? homa meeeeen? la2 la2 la2 da ma yanseketsho 3anoh 5ale6 ya agentny we ana mosh 7ar6'a inno yensaket 3anno. Inta ba2a terdha wella la?? 7orryt alta3beer 3la 3eny we rasy laken kezeb marrah wa7dah??
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