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  • you dont get it - brother - i know you might have meant it - chnk in armour but - here it can mean otherwise aswell.
    and its a noffensive term, more over - they will troll the thread make it useless do u want that to happen ?

    and everbody will jump over you - it might be just a grammer issue .

    but it can be intended offensive term to soem aswell. anyways you wish - my intention was just to make you aware. :cheers:
    edit that chi-- nks word they will make an issue out of it -- in you post in china reaffirms - dont want to be in mud sling operation with them do u ?. cheers

    and jsut apologize. for it.
    Thank u. It is actually a dialog from 'Reign of Fire', spoken by Mathew McConaughey's charecter.
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