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    Is China a really good friend of Pakistan? Excellent analysis

    You are a certified looser....... trash of the earth......You bet about me?.....better bet about yourself......an Elite Member who survives on black humour and picking on others without much to contribute.....on bold above, it is the typical nature of looser like you...to assume things and say...
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    Is China a really good friend of Pakistan? Excellent analysis

    See there is even bigger problem...not accepting your faults, always living in denial and then blame others for your conditions.......sad isn't it? or you are too naive to comprehend?
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    Omicron is much milder than Delta

    It has always been the case..blaming on one country per variant... 1. Alpha - Wuhan (Chinese Virus) 2. Beta - South Africa 3. Gamma - Brazil 4. Delta - India 5. Omicron - South Africa
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    History of Punjabis

    This is why
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    Is China a really good friend of Pakistan? Excellent analysis

    Your quote applies more on you than me...you are living in Pakistan...You need to change yourself, your wife and kids....and within couple of generations (if not sabotaged by your establishment (Mullah-Military nexus) and power hungry and corrupt politicians)...InshaAllah, there will be a...
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    Is China a really good friend of Pakistan? Excellent analysis

    That 'vast sums' of money are not enough to break-even economically for China...and hence it has stopped putting in more money in Pakistan. Also, there is nothing called "Enemy"...... the world prefers to call it as "Adversary"...as adversaries can be allies and vice versa.... China and US...
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    Berlin Security Conference 2021: ESG to adapt Israeli combat cloud for Germany

    That's Good.....Ironically 70 Years back German killed, expelled Jews.....terming them "worthless lives"... 70 Years later they will use Jew technology to protect themselves....As rightly said...no one is permanent enemy or permanent friend....relations are based on interests.
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    Featured Pakistan, Israel, Turkey flags marched together in Azerbaijan victory parade

    Please spare your Sh*t for yourself. You mean fate of Muslims of UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi A,Oman, Syria, Kuwait, and many other Islamic countries who recognise Israel..will have Allah's punishment, they don't know what awaits them 6 feet under etc etc.....right? And your kinds will have...
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    Bangladeshi arrested in Malaysia for religious hate speech

    Malaysia is an example of progressive Islamic state......unlike most of the others...which are run by Madrassa educated radicals and Mullahs......Kudos to Malysia.
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    BREAKING NEWS: China's Evergrande has officially defaulted

    Propaganda? Isn't that something in which Global Times is leagues apart than others......Yeah each fetching 0.50 for every post....still far less than what you get for yours....
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    BREAKING NEWS: China's Evergrande has officially defaulted

    Yeah Thank you China....for installing trains that do not run. https://www.rfa.org/english/news/vietnam/debt-10252021174830.html Also on Vietnam being happy with Chinese debt trap.....other perspective...
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    BREAKING NEWS: China's Evergrande has officially defaulted

    ...Lol...and even more Great when it comes to gobbling up ports, airports, highways (assets) of the poor countries in the name of loan re-payment. Notwithstanding, capitalism has it's deficiencies...but so has pseudo-communism which China adopts....
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    T20 World Cup

    Black Caps reached in the Finals...decimating Poms comfortably. Who's next?...I wish NZ- Pakistan finals....need to return the favour with full Grandeur... :butcher:
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    Some players may not be ‘comfortable’ touring Pakistan, says Australian skipper

    How about if am of Pakistan origin (3rd gen) in NZ?....Is it easy to identify Pakistanis from their English or do you call all Non-native English speaking persons as Indians?
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    China does not respect US anymore: Donald Trump

    Biden did approach China...but your high headed Winnie the Pooh wanted truce to be on China's terms and conditions.....

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