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  • I think Israel is a pretty cool place. I hope the muslim world can settle its issues with Israel peacefully. Hope to visit Israel in the future (once Pakistan recognizes it of course).
    hi...from ur below posts got to know ur an Israeli..
    wats the general perception abt India and Indians in Israel..?
    Hi.. its nice to see you here. i love isrealis.. we have a beach here in kerala which is frequently visited by Israeli tourists.
    I hope so too.. trust me i several israeli friends also american jewish friends i don 't hate i i hope we do have peace soon ;)

    I relly hop that you will overcome this problem and we also want to do peace with you
    I didnt say who is better or worse... indian army is not much better infact just bigger but i leave it like that cuz i know how much indian & israeli's love each other.. and i never said israel is afraid of Pakistan and my friend trust me when i tell you this very honestly we are not afraid of israel eather.I actually would like both our countires to make peace forget about india thats another story like your country for its size have defended your selves againt all odds so have we againt india which is 3 times our size 3 times the armed forces and much much more money then us still they have sleepless nights lolz ;) Tailban is a prob which we are facing and we will overcoem this prob soon .. one more thing before i go no one will ever get our nukes plzz dont insult our armed forces we are one of the best in the world just like you guys later.

    And also israel help pakistan aginst the soviet in close door you should read about that.We gave you wepond and you give that wepond to the afgan freedom fighters aginst the soviet army.We gave you soviet wepond because usa dident want that the soviet will know that usa help to the afgan pepole with usa weponry , soviet wepond (Because it will seen like the afgan successed to steal wepond from the soviet) and the usa have noting to do with that.It was in the cold war.
    And we had a huge numer of soviet weponry in that time- we get it from the six day war from eygpt and syria.
    eygpt and syria were pro-soviet in that time.
    Agine we think that you have a good army but india have match batter and we also have match batter armys but we are not going to fight with you as i said it before because pakistan relly on usa and if you will fight with israel USA will not help pakistan.Pakistan problem today is not israel and not india but the taliban that killed every day alot of pepole in pakistan.
    Today we are not affried from pakistan we only affried that the taliban will bet the pakistani govermant and he will use WMD that pakistan have.
    saad yes i am israeli i can speak and write in hebrew.
    The hebrew latters:
    א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ז ע פ
    צ ק ר ש ת
    ף ץ
    We dont see pakistan as a enemy.
    we would like to make peace with you but your country dont recornaize my country and it is stupid because we are not going anywere.If pakistan will recornaized israel is will be good for both said and also pakistan can help us to do peace with the palastines.But also the pakistani pepole leave in paranoia that we will do to tham something and they blame the mossad and not the taliban in thier own country.
    we always choos peace over war,and we hop that we will also do peace with iran but right now thier govermant want to wipe my country lol.
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